Goof on 70's Show!

Forgive me if this was posted already on the other thread about TV shows. I just got done watching 70’s Show and Titus (which was hilarious!), and I heard a serious gaffe on the former. The guy who plays Kelso called the girl who plays Donna by her real name. I heard him clear as day: “Laura”. How could they have let that get on the air? I mean, he wasn’t even looking at the camera: it would have been no trick to Foley it!

Oh man! I hadn’t seen the tape yet, and now you’ve spoiled it!

Oh, wait, that’s only for plot points, not goofs. Thanks, I’ll check it out. (Donna and Laura are “both” hot!)

Which scene?

The one that got me was one of the very first shows. Red pulled a beer out of the fridge, and opened it. It had a pop-top!! In 1977, it would have had a pull tab. Guess you just can’t find those anymore.

Actually, in 1977 there were some pop-tops available. Mostly smaller breweries like Ballentines. Also, some of the Canadian beers had them, but most had those 2 push-in holes things (such as Molson Golden, Calgary Export).

Xizor, former avid beer can collector.

Hey Rilchiam what scene are you referring to? I happened to record Tuesday’s episode.

Are you sure he didn’t say Laurie, the name of Eric’s sister?

First episode, five minutes in, they’re watching “Petticoat Junction” at night. Problem? It had been cancelled a few years before and was not show in prime time.

That was enough of the show for me.

Now that you mention it, that’s possible. This was in the scene where Donna runs from Eric’s room to Laurie’s to avoid Red, so it was possible that whatsis name forgot which character he was addressing…but he was definitely saying it to Donna! And again I say, how hard is it to Foley over an error?

I haven’t seen the show, but I think what Sxyzzx was getting at was the possibility that it was not the actor’s mistake but rather that the character was meant to confuse the two names.

I remember once about 10-12 years ago, someone on The Cosby Show calling the character Theo by his real name, Malcolm. No one has ever believed me.

Why, though?

I read this thread before I saw my tape(I timer-record everything). Kelso really does look right at ‘Donna’ and call her Laura. The scene was during Red’s bed-check. Donna runs out of Eric’s room into the trollop sister’s room, where she and Kelso are on the bed.

Said Laura, while looking right at her. At least I think he did.

Don’t have this on tape, so can’t go watch it again. My memory was that Laurie had told Donna to get out of her room, and Kelso grabs Donna’s arm, but says something like, “Not so fast, Laurie.” In other words, talking to Laurie while looking at Donna. He’s envisioning a threesome, for which I do not blame him. It’s more than a 24-hour old memory, so don’t quote me. If he distinctly said “Laura”, then it may have been a gaffe.

I agree with DW. I’m pretty sure Kelso was responding to Laurie’s, “Get out!” while looking at Donna.

I wouldn’t be so sure if that exact scene wasn’t in the promos for the show for the entire week.

It was the same scene.

A. I’d taped it, watched it again to see, and I really think he’s saying “Not so fast, Laurie” in response to the character Laurie, while staring at Laura (actress playing Donna).

Now, for the real toughie…

How does one explain “Charro” to a 16 year old male?

He asked “who was that?” Charro.

“What does/did she do?” Pretty much just that.

No one has been able to explain her to this 35 year old male.

I love That 70’s Show! Except for one thing… my wife says I’m just like Red.

And last week, Eric had a poster of Aerosmith on his wall, but it was from the “Permenent Vacation” tour- the tour that happened in 87 or 88.