Google Chrome questions

I am trying out Chrome. A couple of things I can’t figure out.

There is no menu bar. I would like to be able to open up a local file with a File, Open dialog but can’t figure out how. Any way to do this?

Chrome occasionally shows up in Task Manager as sucking up to 25% CPU when it’s just sitting there ostensibly doing nothing. What the heck is it doing?

You would think that Chrome would ship with the same buttons found in the Google toolbar available for IE and FF. But I can’t find this stuff anywhere. Any way to highlight search terms, search only within current domain, search for images, etc.?

Lastly, does Google have a discussion board to post stuff like this? I poked around under the Chrome pages and couldn’t find anything.

(I like a couple of bells and whistles, like dynamic spell check in text boxes in forms, and the ability to resize text boxes in forms :))

This is the official Google Chrome discussion group:

There is no menu bar, the closest thing are the little Page and Wrench icons in the upper right. I can’t see any way to open a file, which seems odd.

You drag and drop. Then make it a bookmark.

If you want to put it directly in the browser bar, you use [noparse]file://whatever[/noparse].