IE9: I give up, where is the toolbar?

Does anybody know how to show the toolbar on this thing? I use Chrome, but the Ms uses IE. The new computer came with the newest version of it, and when I went to set the homepage for her to something other than MSN, found that there are no drop-down menus of any sort. Bwuh? I managed to find the ‘favorites’ button up in the right-hand corner, but it was only by trial and error. There’s a search window, but that’s it.

Right click on the top frame area (by the URL bar) and you will get a menu that allows you to turn on other stuff such as the Menu bar and Command bar (probably that is the “toolbar” that you want). If you also “Unlock” you should be able to arrange thee bars how you like.

I agree that it is stupid to hide all this stuff by default, but I think it was Chrome that started the trend. Firefox and MS are just copycatting.

:smack: I thought I tried that, but must have been hovering over some icon. Thanks.

Also, pressing the Alt key will temporarily display the menu bar.