Google corrects my Welsh!

(Disclaimer - this was what I’d call a ‘tangential vanity search’, but I think it’s interesting nonetheless)
Search for: "ystrad owain"

Response: Did you mean: “ystradowen”?
I’m impressed - how did their system acquire this knowledge of Welsh parishes?

It didn’t find very many matches to one grouping of letters and found some for something close. Google doesn’t know Welsh or English or any other language.


No, it really is sentiant. :smiley:

Anybody else worry that Google is just a couple emergent capabilities away from becoming SkyNet?

Did you mean: sentient

When you build such a comprehensive database of words and websites, you get some amazing things for free. For example, Google Sets is a nifty use of the database for which (if my Comp Sci. knowledge is working for me) they didn’t have to do much to make happen.

The particular feature you mention is kewl, except when you do something like search for “jump rope” OR jumprope and it goes and says ‘Did you mean: “jump rope” OR jump rope’ :rolleyes:

Nope, he meant sapient. :smiley:

Sorry - pet peeve.

Er, perhaps it ought to say 'Did you mean “skipping rope”…

Now that is clever.

Never see that before, I can see that being very useful.

Google set is indeed clever, but can make some odd and funny results. I put in ‘Coors’ and ‘Budweiser’ and resulting set had 8 more beers brands, well and good. Then it listed “Zima”, which is close enough, I suppose. But then next was “Batman”.

Google sets is cool – just forwarded the link to myself at work so I can share it around the puzzle factory.

It’s limited though: I tried “Lex Luthor, Mr. Clean, Yul Brynner, Telly Savalas” and it couldn’t come up with a single suggestion! :eek:

It couldn’t predict any of the remaining contents of the medicine cabinet.