Google fail in trying identifying crooked arm problem

I can’t seem to ask Google the right question to put a name to my daughter’s crooked arms. When she holds her arms in front or to the side, palms facing up, her arms are not straight. The lower part of her arm angles away to the side by about 25 degrees. With her arms straight palms facing down, the crook of her elbow is facing up to a far greater degree than mine.

It doesn’t seem to cause her pain and we have no idea how long it has been like that…who looks at arms?

I would just like to put a name to it and investigate if it might cause joint problems down the road. Any ideas?

You can talk to a doctor. A doctor noticed my sons knees were different size when he was about 10. He ordered X-rays, saw nothing really wrong, turns out kids grow asymetrically sometimes. Later on both knees were the same. So just visit a doctor.

I think this applies to any female, check out your wife.

I am a female and my arms are perfectly straight.

Of course I will ask a doctor but since it’s not an emergency, I thought I’d ask here.

That’s called the carrying angle.
It’s a normal human variation; usually bigger in females. Sometimes in my yoga class this comes up with arm and shoulder poses, as different adjustments are necessary if you have a big or nonexistant carrying angle.

There are always exceptions, but I notice that it’s very common, As Parenchyma notes, it’s normal.

AHA! I knew someone would know. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this before on anyone other than my daughter. Now I at least have a name for it so I can investigate.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Valgus deformity?