Google Mail Access Problem

I am trying to find a login page to access my existing Google (gmail) account. I was just there, but I forgot my password. After having my password reset, every Gmail access webpage is acting like I am a new account, but it knows my gmail account is already in use! What the heck is going on here? How do I access the login page for existing accounts (on a PC, not by Smartphone…if it matters) :confused:

Go hereand click on “Sign in” next to the “Create an Account” button. That page should allow you to log in. I am using Chrome on Windows 7.

Ah! That could be part of the problem. I am using IE 7, I think? Not on my home PC, at present…but I really need access right now. Thx!

It also works on IE 11 and Mozilla Firefox 44. It may be time to upgrade your browser.