Google Maps on the NES

A new service from Google, especially for fans of Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest. Here is the introductory video. Go to Google Maps and click on “Start Your Quest” on the lower left, or choose the “Quest” option (next to Satellite and Map options). Move your little Dragon Quest guy around, it’s awesome!.

That is so beyond awesome! I have been grinning like an idiot for the past 15 minutes playing with this.

I don’t see “Start Your Quest”

Do you have a box that says “Quest” in the upper right corner of the map? That’s how I turned it on.

For some reason it didn’t work for me in Internet Explorer, but switching to Firefox sorted it.

I tried that in IE and it changed the map but not street view. Did you get both?

Does anyone know what you’re supposed to do? It mentions hidden monsters and things, but I haven’t got time to search the entire world for them.

Hmm, yeah, I was using FF this morning. Now when I try it using IE and I drag the Dragon Warrior Stickman into the map to turn on Street View it comes up in “normal” Street View mode rather than the 8-bit mode.

So it looks like you probably need to use Chrome or FF to have the full experience.

Looks like reddit comments are the best place to find the monsters. Here’s a Blue Knight.

Tweedledum & Tweedledee in DC?

More in Chicago.

I think those might mark Google offices? The same icon can be seen at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA (along with an Android and a Dinosaur/Flamingo combo).

Strange pink thing.

A Jawa?!

Likely, same icon is in Ann Arbor.

ETA: Look at this fellow near La Plata MD,-76.956482&spn=0.368104,0.837021&t=8&z=11

The streetview looks mental. I bet a million stoners are freaking out right this very minute.

Check out Loch Ness, Area 51, and Roswell, NM.

Has anyone played with their new “Really Advanced Search” yet? Awesome!

Found them in Cambridge, MA, too; at the site of the local Google offices.

Got a screenshot? As with DCTrekkie, only the map changed for me.

Those two characters are everywhere. They’re on the map of about every other major city I’ve looked at.

you probably have flash blocked, at least that was my issue

Loch Ness.

Area 51.

Nope, Flash is not blocked. Could someone at least describe it for me? :slight_smile: