Google Maps question

In another thread, this link purportedly shows an image of a helicopter on the landing pad of a building in Seattle. The thing is, when I click on the link there is no helicopter. Other people say the helicopter is there when they click on the link.

I was asked if I was using the ‘classic’ version of the maps, and I am not.

So given that I’m using Google’s new maps, and given that a link is a link, why do other people see an image with a LongRanger sitting on the pad, and I don’t?

(FWIW, I’m using Safari 6.1.2. I tried opening the link in Firefox, but it comes up in Classic mode and there is no link that I can see to change it to the new mode.)

Never mind.

The new version only works in the ‘Lite’ mode on OS 7. You need OS 8 to use the full version. (I don’t think it’s worth spending however much a new OS costs, just so that I can use Google Maps.)


Oh great, now Schrödinger has his own helicopter.

I don’t see a helicopter in either the new or the classic version of Google maps.

Flown by a trained cat?

What’s going on is that the helicopter is in the straight-down image, but it isn’t in the 45 degree one. Those are two separate sets of imagery and, at least with the version of the site that comes up on my computer, you can click the little “tilt the image” button just below the compass to switch between them.

With the new version of the site that has all the 3D building tomfoolery, it’s less obvious that you’re looking at a 45 degree tilted image than it was with the old one.

Oh, actually I think I might have had that backwards. The helicopter appears to be in the top-down picture, but NOT in the 45 degree one. It’s even more confusing because it only seems to overlay the 45 degree imagery if you’ve got the view tilted at around 45 degrees-- if you go even lower it goes back to the top-down imagery an the helicopter reappears.

ETA: Annnnd, that’s actually what I wrote the first time. Ooops.

Actually, it is there in three out of the four 45-degree views, but not the “north-up” view. If you click to the tilted view, the helicopter disappears, but if you then click the arrows around the compass to rotate the view, it reappears!

Good news: OS 10.9 is actually free!.

Bad news: It’s taking forever to install, and I’m using my PowerBook G4 backup computer.

Worse news: The information I need to log into my work computer is not in Remote Desktop Connection on my G4. So I can’t work until OS 10.9 installs on my primary computer! :mad:

I hope features such as the new Google Maps are worth it.

Be advised that OSX 10.9 also breaks a bunch of stuff, including quickview for most file types, NeoOffice, and many assorted user settings.

There’s a Mavericks update for NeoOffice.

Quickview is only broken for files that required third-party codecs (granted, there were quite a few of those that are popular, like FLV).

Would that be Toonces the Cat Who Could Fly A Helicopter? :wink:

It shows up when I have it set to North pointing right (or easterly)

And I’m using an old pc at work Windows XP on Firefox v27.0.1