Google mouseover preview?

I just noticed that when I mouseover my search results it pops up an image of the page with the search terms highlighted. Is this something new? Or have I just been clueless?

They had one where you hovered over a certain icon and saw that, but I thought they got rid of it. I was quite happy it was gone. It doesn’t accomplish anything, as anything large enough to actually read the text is going to be too big and obscure the page.

I’m honestly getting tired of them trying to fix what isn’t broken.

It’s been there for awhile, you just have to hit the magnifying glass icon. I found, for some reason, on my laptop, I seem to hit the magnifying glass a LOT, but on my desktop I rarely hit it.

If they were forcing it on you then I’d agree. But since this is completely optional I’m gonna say if you don’t like it then just don’t use it. Some people might find it useful.