Google Site Help - How to add per-user links?

Thanks to an acquisition, my company is moving from using SharePoint for internal/team sites to using Google sites. My boss has asked me to help design our team’s site, which is pretty exciting for me as I’ve never designed so much as a web page before.

In talking to various people who’d be using the site, I’ve determined that each has fairly individual needs when it comes to “what links or information do you use most and want the quickest access to?” It occurred to me that a good solution, rather than just adding all these things to a home page (or even an individual project’s page) would make things cluttered, hard to find, and less than useful.

What I want to do is give them the ability to customize their own list of links, and have that custom list displayed on the top-level site, but only for them. For those who have used SharePoint, I want to mimic the My Links functionality.

Google has a page type called “Start Page” that lets users add their own gadgets that no one else can see. I had thought that a combination of this and use of Google’s Subpage Listing (which shows the contents of a subpage on an upper-level page) would work, but the Start Page only keeps the gadgets private and customizable. Anything else done on that page is visible to all, which is not what I want.

I’ve been searching their list of available gadgets without luck, also.

Anyone know of a gadget, app, widget, or whatever that can do this? I don’t believe I’m the only person who’d want to do this, but my google-fu is apparently not up to this.

<frustrated and hopeful>

How many users are we talking about?

If it’s a small team, you can make a separate page for each user and give them view/edit permission for their page only. Set that as their browser home page and they’ll see it every time and can edit it as they like, and nobody else except the admins can access their page.

I’m not sure how many people. I believe it’s almost 100, though. I’ll admit I was hoping for something along the lines of click a button and the link is added, but that may be reaching a LOT.

You know, I wonder if I’m asking the wrong question. Maybe instead of trying to find a gadget that lets a user add links that are custom to them, I should be trying to figure out what Google did on that page that made that one area private/personal to a user.