GOP 3/12 contests

These three contests (Wyoming, D.C., and Guam) are somewhat overlooked. Wyoming is not binding its delegates. I’m not sure about Guam.

With 91% reporting, Cruz won Wyoming with 2/3 of the vote. Rubio is second, and Trump third.

No results from the others, yet.

Guam elects the delegates directly: one is for Cruz, and five are uncommitted.

It looks like Trump & Rubio get one delegate each out of Wyoming, and Cruz has 7 or 9 depending on which site I look at. (Clarification welcome).

So Cruz inches closer to Trump in an insignificant way, and Rubio and Kasich fall further behind.

I really wanna know: why do the South and the Central/Mountain States consistently split Trump and Cruz, respectively?

According to Politico, Cruz got 9 delegates from Wyoming, so he got 10 altogether today. Trump only got 1. Rubio won D.C., with Kasich close behind.

By a small margin, Rubio is the overall winner today.

Delegate totals:
Rubio: 11
Cruz: 10
Kasich: 9
Trump: 1

Heh, except “uncommitted” got 12 delegates, so Rubio was still in second place.