Gordo Drunk Driving - Your Provincial / State Leader - What would You Say?

Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, was arrested in Hawaii for driving drunk. His resignation is being demanded from various groups.



How loud would the uproar be if this was your leader?
Is resignation the order of the day?
I say yes, especially considering the neo-con platform of “Personal Responsibility” Gordo ran on.

I have a major problem with drunk drivers. Drunk drivers kill people. They do so without meaning to, sure, but they kill people, cripple people, smash up their cars and those of other people, damage property, tie up valuable policemen’s time, and generally cost me money. Drunk drivers survive car crashes far more often than their non-drunk victims do.

I have a very low opinion of anyone who drives when drunk. Particularly if he is drunk enough that it obviously affected his driving enough to get some cop’s attention.

Now, on to elected officials. If you are going to be an elected official, you better be one tight, right, and outtasite dude. You had better be a better man than I am, and prepared to prove it. You gotta be morally clean, beyond reproach, and above petty sniping at your personal life.

…either that, or simply less of a moron and/or crook than your opponent.

And you had better be SMART, bud.

And now we get to the subject of this particular drunken idiot.

This man is an elected official. He holds public office. He has one hell of a lot to lose.

…and he went out somewhere, tied one on IN PUBLIC, and then tried to DRIVE somewhere?

This man is stupid. He made a stupid mistake. A REAL stupid mistake. What if he’d killed someone?

Plainly, this man is simply too stupid to be allowed to hold political office, even as an appointee. Throw the bum out.

If, on the other hand, his confession was obtained by the Chicago police by torture, well, that’s another matter. But I think it unlikely, in THIS case…