Gosh dang my soft heart.

I stopped 3 minutes from my house and picked up a stray (probably dumped) dog this morning. He was so thin his ribs and spine were poking out, and he had some horrible skin condition. But he was so happy to see me he jumped right in my truck. I took him to the SPCA. I doubt he’ll get adopted, but before he’s put down, he’ll have food, water, shelter, exercise, and some people around. (And he won’t get run over like the shepherd someone dumped in the same place that was so scared of people no one could catch her.)

I know I did the right thing, because I couldn’t take a dog with nasty skin problems home to my dogs, and I can’t afford vet care for another animal (mine are all past due for their vet visits, too.) I cried all the way there and all the way back and have been in tears twice since then. Just like the day I volunteered at SPCA for work and walked doggies. I would love to be a volunteer, but I just can’t handle it. So I gave 'em $50. :frowning: I’m such a big squishy wad of soft and useless.

true–but you seem to be a ‘nice’ big squishy wad of soft–I would take off the useless part–I am sure that dog doesn’t think you were useless :slight_smile:

Good for you–seems you did a nice deed, and that is always a good thing!

I commend you for your act of kindness. The world needs more people like you.


Thanks guys, now if I could just stop tearing up over the poor darned thing…

As my dear Auntie would say, “You have gained another star in your crown in heaven.”


Aw man, now I’m bawling… You done good.

You did the right thing. Don’t feel bad - if they put it down, they’ll do it humanely, and if they don’t, maybe the dog will get adopted.

::sniff:: Thanks…

Anyway, maybe he wasn’t dumped! Maybe his owners have been looking for him frantically, and when you dropped him off at the shelter they scanned his microchip and his family is even now ecstatic.

That’s a nice thought, Zsofia, but he was in bad shape, so he’d have to have been missing a looooong time, and I was there when they scanned for microchips. Nada. I still have hope for him, though.

You did something for him, TroubleAgain. That’s more than anyone else who saw him can say, and from your description, it sounds like he’s been on his own for a long time. Whether he finds a new home or not, you showed him some kindness.

Where do you live? Maybe a Doper can adopt the dog.

My dog was going to be put down by his owner. He was only a puppy. I said, “no, I’ll take him”. I went to their house and saw him. he was chained on a 2 foot chain to a woven wire fence about 50 yards from the house. No one petted him or cared about him. Eight years later he is my best friend.

I did. :cool:

See? We need details!

Did you just say “Gosh Dang”?

Yep. :wink: I figgered since I wasn’t in the Pit I’d use softer language… :stuck_out_tongue:
LOUNE, I live in Central Florida–Polk County area.

Bah. I almost took a job in Tampa. I coulda taken the puppy in.

Is there a picture online of the animal? Maybe we can tug at some heartstrings.

There are always people like me who go to adopt an animal and end up getting the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” of the lot… so don’t torture yourself that he doesn’t have a chance of getting adopted.

Good on ya.

Here’s all the dogs in the Polk County, Florida, Animal Control at the moment:

Let the tugging commence!


edit: the June 13th arrivals start on page 12.