My First Stray Dog

I had a little surprise waiting for me on my doorstep when I woke up this morning. He’s really cute (or would be with a haircut), very sweet, and housetrained. He’s also matted, intact, and in need of a teeth cleaning! I’ve been saying that when my cat dies I want a small dog instead - no more litterbox duty. So then this guy shows up … but my cat is still alive and she hates the dog we already have. At 17 1/2, I don’t want to inflict anything else stressful on her. So I’m going to take him to the local 24-hour vet after class tonight to see if he’s microchipped. I highly doubt it, given his overall condition. We’ve only got one working car right now, or I would have gone first thing in the morning. If he is, we’ll track the owner. If not, I’ll hold onto him for another couple of days to see if someone calls before figuring out what to do. We have friends who might want a dog, and so far he’s been an angel. Otherwise, we’ll take him to the Humane Society where he’ll get all the help he needs before going up for adoption.
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Avarie - Who knows? Your cat may love him. He looks like a sweetie. Good luck to you both. Strays need an angel watching over them.

He’ll get adopted in a second at the Humane Society.

My 17 year old cat hates everything. Including me, and I am her favorite. After a few days they may develop a love/bitchslap relationship. Give it a chance.

DAMN! I suspected that he belonged to my new neighbor, and I was, sadly, correct. Now he’s going to go back to living in a garage for, oh twelve hours a day. At least she had the decency to thank my husband when he took the dog to her.

I would so totally love to report her for being a crappy dog owner, but he’s not in dire enough straits to really sic the law on her. Maybe if he gets out again I’ll just … not say anything! At least that way he might get vaccinated and neutered before she got him back from the shelter. :dubious: