Gossip Girl 10/13

DISCLAIMER: Get ready to pit me, I freaking love this show. It helps me milk the inherent bitchiness that I so rarely get to employ as a grown-up professional nowadays, plus I love shoes. Sue me.

I’m glad that Serena and Blair made up, because frankly Serena as Bitch just doesn’t work as well. Leighton Meester is a genius at it, though, and I love watching her.

I hate Dan. I used to be ambivalent, and now it’s pure hate. He is such a judgemental bastage. Now that he and prettyboy Nate have teamed up, I can ‘consolidate the hate’.

Lily and Rufus: Everyone else could fall of the face of the earth when you two look at each other That Way. I squee. I squee, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Vanessa: Here, hold this.

Chuck, chuck, chuck. I adore you and your effeminate, unbelievably ludicrous ways. Your plaid and your sidepart inspire me. Well played, my friend. Screw Nate. I’m with you. You did the right thing, and according to next week, you may even tag Blair again. Go you. Getting her into a red merrywidow is No Small Feat.

I too love Gossip Girl, and I am not apologizing for it.

I was getting sick of Serena as the bitch too. Book-Serena is a bitch and I don’t like her at all. The appeal of show-Serena was that she’s actually sweet and nice, even if she is flawed and had some rough times. I really hope she and Blair stop feuding for the rest of the season.

I can’t hate Dan! He’s cute. I’m a sucker for cute. But yeah, he’s being mean and I want him to stop it. I’m also not a big fan of Nate, I feel bad about his dad and all but I really hated him lying about who he was just to get with that chick (among other things).

Also, I hate Jenny. I really do. She hasn’t even really irritated me that much this season, but I can’t get over how annoying she was last season. She’s such a prissy littl bitch who whines if she doesn’t get her own way, and it’s pissing me off.

Chuck Bass is fabulous. He always means well, but not everyone can see it. I want him and Blair to be together so bad.

I was so glad Blair kissed the dean on the cheek at the end of her interview. That was one of the best moments of the books.


I never read the books. I am a much more visual person, so part of the fun for me is to see it all acted out. My sister and I text each other during the show. When Blair casually dropped the “he’s the guy she killed” line, we both texted DAYYYMN at the same time.

It’s great to feel 15 again in spirit if not in body.

Jenny I’m pretty indifferent to. I haven’t seen one dress from her that I think is exceptional, but then again the whole Waldorf line is pretty lackluster.

Chuck is the classic antihero. I think they tried to write Dan that way, but it just didn’t take.

I love the show. Haven’t read the books. Hate the Humphreys one and all. Can’t wait to see Chuck become Lex Luthor with hair.

I wish Nate wouldn’t go to Yale just to prove a point to the people who hate his dad. Nate’s family is awful, and I would be thrilled for him if he escaped them to go to USC so he could forge his own identity instead of getting whored out all the time to keep his family solvent.

I hope Blair can get over her lousy parents (especially her mom) someday. Her insecurities will keep crippling her until she decides to get past it all. Getting out of high school helps tremendously.

I’m not sure if they write him that way or if it’s the acting, but Nate is the most bland, uninteresting waste of space and time. It says something that while he and one-note Vanessa were a couple, I found her more interesting than him.

I think that’s why I like her so much. I think it’s the reason so many girls identify with Blair. She’s a bitch, she has money, and she’s entitled and snotty as hell, but she’s relatable because she is so massively insecure and nothing is ever that easy for her. Her mother undermines her, the father she idolizes picks his lover over her and moves out of the country, and she is remembered only for how effective she is when she’s a bitch, and never how supportive she can be as a friend.

Anyone ever read NY Mag’s weekly reality recap of the show? Hilarious.

I think Nate works because he’s boring and harmless, and because he’s the one character who is the least self-involved. He spends almost all of his time trying to please everybody and figure out what doing the right thing even means, and he gets rewarded by being ignored or crapped on. He absolutely should rat out his worthless father, who had great instincts when he tried to kill himself but lacked follow-through.