Got a coworker who's convinced we're headed for Armageddon

Actually, there’s no real point to this story. It’s just a “day in the life” thing. Or maybe it isn’t.

This past weekend, I held a party. I invited friends and coworkers. 2 coworkers, BP and BW, are musicians I jam with occasionally. BP is a quiet, laid back dude who works in the IT dept. He is also absolutely wicked on harmonica.

I play standup bass, BW plays guitar. When we get together, we play bluegrass, country, some roadhouse blues and gospel. BW sings for the most part. He’s got this cigarette smokin’ whiskey drinkin’ voice that’s just perfect for the music we play. Occasionally he gets BP to sing. When BP sings, he sings from the heart. He grew up in the western NC mountains, and he’s got the type of voice that carries the spirit over the mountaintops to the valley below. It’s a joy for me to get together with these two.

Two other coworkers, AD and her daughter MD, were in the living room with us. AD is a very vibrant type A person, but tends to get a tad superstitious at times. I don’t think she’s a churchgoer, but she puts a lot of stock into potential omens, like astrology and so forth. She’s a sweetheart, but challenge her on any of her new age beliefs and she’ll come at you like a pit bull.

We take a break from playing. We’re all talking, but BP remains silent. We shoot the breeze for a few minutes, then BP all the sudden breaks out into song, at top volume. Everybody’s a little weirded out by this, but I just say the spirit took hold of him and start playing along with his song. Eventually, so does BW. This happens several times.

Shortly after 10, BW says he has to leave, since he has an 85 mile drive back to his home, and BP is his passenger. It takes BW a while to convince BP to leave, since BP seems to be in his own world. We’re all sitting outside by now, and when BP finally gets in the car, he gets back out, climbs to the top, and starts shouting some kind of prophecy. Something about chickenheads. (At least I think that’s what it was, I was drunk) BW pulls him back in, but BP gets back out and shouts another prophecy. BW pulls him back in again. He finally drives down the street, but BP hangs out the window and gives a rebel yell for about a minute that you can hear from miles away.

I might add that BP is a very quiet and laid back person at work otherwise, and he has his professional voice. After a few drinks and doobs, his mountain accent come out. He’s also a poet and has had several of his poems published.

The next day, AD calls me up, and asks how my cleanup is going along, etc. I say fine, and I’ll see you at work Monday, blah blah blah. She calls back a few minutes later. “Listen, I got something to tell you, and you better not laugh at me, OK? Promise you won’t laugh at me!” I say “OK, I promise.”

She tells she had a dream last night that was “Revelationary” and got her all upset. When she told her daughter MD about it, MD said she had a “Revelationary” dream as well. This got AD really worried. She talked to her mom about the dreams and the party, and her mom told her that BP was probably speaking in tongues. AD remembered that I said “the spirit took him,” so she thought that the speaking in tongues thing was true, that BP was shouting prophecy, and that her and MD’s dreams meant that something terrible was about to happen. I told her I had dreams too, and all I remembered was that they were about failure and dispair. (Actually, I don’t remember my dreams) I’m sure AD is going to tell everybody I had “Revelationary” dreams too so that means the sky is falling. I told her that it’s possible BP might not even remember what happened that night. That’s what happens when the spirit takes hold of you.

The point is… I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying. I don’t know, there’s just something about me that can’t help but contribute to other people’s madness at times. :slight_smile:

well if your interested in not the end of the world but a fair bit of destruction google “yellowstone park super volcano”

Well, cripes, I don’t have to be moved by “the spirit” or speak in tongues or have weirded-out dreams to know there are Bad Thing Happenin’ in the world. I don’t about Armaggeddon being around the corner or not, but you don’t have to be a prophet to predict CNN will broadcast some disaster or other today.

*The Eastern World, it is explodin’
Violence flarin’ and bullets loadin’
You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’
And you don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’?
And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’

And you tell me
Over and over and over again, my friend
That you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction*

[sub]Boy, that “votin’” line kinda dates this song, eh?.[/sub]

This reminded me of a coworker who, right before Y2K, was stocking up on ammo and food and water and toilet paper and all that stuff. He and his wife were sure mass panic would ensue. I’m guessing he’s still eating the beef jerky he laid aside.

** Knowed Out ** wrote, among other things…

I learned that last Friday October 24, 2003 the resultant gasses and charged particles from a gigantic solar flair was due to hit the earth at around 5pm EDT. The article (sorry, I’m at work and cant look it up now, but its there on CNN from last Friday) stated that we may experience some electrical problems and maybe some problems with cell phones and what not. I remember thinking that it was weird that no one had predicted the end of the world because of this. This may have been in the back of the minds of your friends at the time. Who knows. I would urge you – better yet your friend – to read the following article from the Skeptical Inquirer Doomsday: The May 2000 Prediction - Some astronomical dos and don’ts in predicting the (next) doomsday. It was written prior to the year 2000, but in general still applies. It deals specifically with rationalizing end of the world predictions from various historical points of view, and addresses the fact that even though “the end is near” we still manage to survive these supposed astronomical cataclysms century after century. The article goes on to note various similarities regarding these predictions and the hysteria that follows from a purely rational, statistical and astronomical point of view. I hope this helps ease the minds of those involved.

And I bet his wife has forgotten her role in it and is still nagging him about it. “Beef jerky again, Harold? ‘The world’s gonna end! Better stock up on the jerky!’” :wink:

As I recall, she was the one who pushed him to stock up on stuff. She listened to a crackpot radio show with a host who just knew it was the end of society as we know it.

I should be congratulated for not mocking him when we came back to work the first Monday in 2000.

Sent her the link janx, but I don’t think she’ll get the point. She likes planets and stars too much and will probably get her rocks off on all that alignment data.

“It’s taking longer than we thought.”