Got any interesting online reading?

I’ve been running a collection of links on my website for a while now, and some of the most interesting ones I’ve come across are articles on a wide range of subjects. Can anyone here suggest any more?

I don’t want entire websites or topics, just single articles; whether news, culture, society, politics, history, technology, or whatever. It’s a vain attempt to improve my general knowledge, I guess…

To give you an idea of the kind of thing I’m after, these are a couple that I found interesting:

Outline of how web “phone dialer” porn scams work
History of mobile phone text (SMS) messaging and its bizarre popularity
History of the US Army intervention in Russia, 1918-1920

Any suggestions?

This is a link to the best thing I ever read on the internet:



One about relationships, one about music, and one about the election. Please note that while I voted Democratic, Morrow’s article on the election, comparing Gore to the kid at the plate who misses and screams, “Do over! Do over!”, is definitely on target and funny as hell.

Hope you like 'em. Try for some more kick-ass articles and essays.