Got Blood?

There were these, ummm, two threads where I asked about the viscosity of blood at various temperatures. Some backstory came out, and here’s more.

Yes, I drank no blood. ‘reluctantly’, is the language she uses, describing our daughter’s telling her that she saw me, her father, drink blood out of my own refrigerator.

I hope it was ‘reluctantly’ that my daughter was coerced to lie.
Actually, I hope she just made that up, and my daughter never said any such thing.

As for v-8 juice, etc. there are possibilities, like sangria cooking wine, or some vile coffee on a camping trip. Exchange between myself and a fellow camper over some vile, thick instant coffee I had mixed up, and left cooling in a messkit on a campstove.

“Dude, that looks like blood”

“It’s Motor oil, actually.”
But I don’t remember my daughter even being around for that.
Even more oddly, it just occurred to me that under oath, if asked if I’ve ever drinken blood. I’d have to say.

“Well, menstrual blood, yeah…”
But my daughter wasn’t around for that, either.
For everyone who thinks the ‘are you serious’ defense is best, you’re probably right.

Telperian: Khampelf isn’t my real name. Do you really think that I’m worried about anyone who knows me here telling my daughter’s mom about it, and then having her attorney subpoena the Chicago Reader for ‘Khampelf’s’ subscription information?

H.D. - Just found out they gonna give us both a checkup from the neckup. I think both that she is crazier, and I deal with my own mental quirks better.

Well, hopefully you have a decent lawyer who will deal with this issue properly. I’m thinking someone that drinks blood probably doesn’t go from married/no blood, to keeping a jug in the fridge next to the milk, in a matter of days/weeks/months. Not sure how old your daughter is, but if she’s old enough that it’s rebellious teenager stuff, sitting her on the stand and having her explain it in detail might be enough to prove it’s a lie. Then there’s the whole issue of being crazy vs. being dangerous, the “religious no-go areas” defense, and means of acquisition. Just grabbing a glass of “vlad’s best” is also a different situation from tying your kid to the kitchen table and chanting with candles and a black robe while you make her drink it, too.

Mostly, if the kid’s young enough, the V8 argument will likely satisfy most adults, assuming there aren’t other issues, and like a poster said on the other thread, the whole satanist blood drinker thing lost it’s “charm” a couple decades ago. If you do drink blood regularly, you should probably admit it to your lawyer, and hopefully have some receipts from the local blood distributor(?!) There’s likely a decent religious defense, unless you’re in some psycho bible-belt area that’s still burning witches.

Of course, if you harvest your own, or someone else’s, that’s a whole different mess. Bodies in the freezer don’t help these cases much, nor do suspicious piles of freshly disturbed dirt randomly scattered about the yard, missing neighborhood pets, etc. :wink:

If your daughter’s older, and made it up, it might be something you need to keep an eye on, too. If she’s making this stuff up, and especially if mom’s helping, there’s a custody/child protection issue. It’s one thing to accuse someone of something this far out there, but any judge is going to want to know why the kid lied to that extreme, and if mom coerced her, mom’s in deep trouble with the judge, the kind of trouble that can cause custody and payment decisions to change radically. If the kid’s just exaggerating on her own, maybe her fantasies are raised because mom’s not providing the right environment at home, too. Maybe mom’s run off with a new cult or something, there are lots of possibilities.

Mostly though, I’d make sure you have a lawyer, and let them guide you through it. If the one you have isn’t calming your nerves and convincing you they’re capable of dealing with something like this, you might want to find a new one, too.

I have a t shirt that reads “Got Blood.” Got it when I donated a few months back :smiley:

I’m afraid 90% of what’s said above is useless to me, due to assumptions on things I’ve not said, and not reading what I have said.

There’s more. Wanna hear more?

She’s also complaining about my economic / housing fitness. I’ve eliminated the expense of rent to make sure the pittance of work I am scraping up can cover my child support obligation. I’m living outdoors, but on private property.

I call her my ‘daughter’s mom’ because we never married, never so much as co-habitated. We were affianced at one point, so I guess ‘Ex’ isn’t inaccurate, but it leads to assumptions, so I don’t use it.

I’m living in the backyard of her best friend of 20 years, actually.
I’m kinda part time oddjob man for a freelance homeless shelter.
I’m also working 18 hour days, between two jobs. Can seeds during the day, then drive 50 miles to deliver Pizzas for a while. Tips cover gas, And I’m not too far behind the car payments, and I’ve held onto the cell phone. The summer was thin for work, now it comes in buckets.

So, obviously she’s right when she sez I’m ‘a creep who needs to stay out of her life.’ and have no business ever seeing our daughter again.

This is all a legal version of the temper tantrums she uses to get her way from the people who still tolerate her. She has nothing but helplessness and rage, but uses both well. She’s supported 100% by her parents and the state. They cover rent and emergency expenses, the state covers food and medical. I pay for her Cable, bottled water, internet, etc. Her affluent grandparents spoil her rotten with clothes and toys, she truly lacks for nothing.

I really don’t want my daughter to become a spoiled, hysterical brat like her mom.

That’s why I kicked apart a comfortable, stable life in AZ to come out to be closer to my daughter. I gave them permission to move here when she was 4, because I thought it was best for them.

So please pile on about how dare I introduce strife and conflict into this poor child’s life. (sarcasm)

I haven’t seen her in weeks. The poor girl is being torn apart, and all I can fucking do is not pull from my end. Her mom is making her call, and she doesn’t want to. I get five second voicemails saying 'HiDaddyIhadagoodday Loveyoubye."

So, I’m doing by best, as I see it.

She’s barely christian, and I’m actively Pagan.
But that’s not illegal, really. They removed laws against witchcraft years ago, didn’t they? Did they ever even have any in CA?

Oh well. Sunday I’ve got some down time, cuz I only work the Pizza job.
Hope they feed me, today.

How old is your daughter? If she’s a young child, it’s probably more likely that her mother could coerce her into “remembering” the whole blood-drinking thing; if she’s older, like a teenager or whatever, then it seems more probable that her mom is just making it up entirely. Assuming that your daughter likes you and that you have a good relationship with her, of course, but from the voice mails you describe, it sounds to me like she likes you perfectly well…

I’m confused. Do you ever/sometimes keep blood in your refrigerator?
Saying that you drink blood is an unusual accusation, and I imagine that most people would be satisfied with a firm “No” as the response, and would require some evidence to be persuaded of the contrary.
If you were asked under oath, I would skip the mention of drinking menstrual blood, unless it is a common occurrence and something that many people would be able to attest.

ETA: As a child my mom sometimes cooked what is called boudin noir in French - a sausage that includes pork and pork blood. I hated it. She enjoyed it with apple sauce or mustard.

Yeah – if you (Khampelf, that is) are just saying you’ve drunk menstrual blood because you’ve swallowed some inadvertently while performing oral sex on a menstruating woman (which is what I assumed you were talking about – possibly due to the recent thread about “red wings”), I wouldn’t mention it. It’s clearly not the kind of thing they’re asking about.

Yes, of course. I didn’t actually know about the recent thread on ‘red wings’. I earned mine years ago. It’s just that ‘whole truth, and nothing but the truth’ thing. and absurd extrapolations therefrom I say those things here, so I won’t have to say them there. I have an overactive wiesenheimer gland. The imp of the perverse, to borrow from Neal Stephenson.

No. Never. I drank no blood, refrigerated or otherwise.
I did poor the steak drippings over my potaoes, however.

Yes, the aforementioned 'Are you serious??!!:rolleyes: defense. I think it’s a good one, and I will develop a situational variant thereof.

No, it would be inappropriate sarcastic specificity. I say it here to get it out of my system.

I know of blood sausage, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any.

She’s seven.

You think? I do.

We often seem to have different recollections of events. Getting carefully negotiated permission to leave newborn supplies on her doorstep became my ‘stalking’ her.

Well, as my dad said ‘you make your mistakes with your first.’ At the same time that Daddy had fewer dollars to spend on fun, he insisted on talking to her. I’ve been waiting a long time for this bright, beautiful intellect to develop. Of course, the last thing a seven year old girl needs is deep talk with Daddy. So, she truly see in her mind no need to see Daddy right now. It only upsets Mommy when he comes around (They’re very co-dependant. Not in a good way.), and he’s less fun. When he came around less often, it was more fun. The main issue ( to my mind ) is her mom’s negativity toward me impacting her. My existence enrages her. I won’t obey, and I won’t go away. I hope if both I and the courts are truly having my daughter’s best interests foremost, She just might have a chance to escape adolescence with minimal therapy.

I don’t know who Neal Stephenson is, but I’m certain he, in turn, has borrowed the idea of The Imp of the Perverse from Mr. E.A. Poe.
And I’m glad to hear that people remember my red wings+ thread. :smiley:

I’m sorry. :wink: He’s not to everyone’s taste, hella fun to read, IMHO. Post-Cyberpunk stylistic SF-ish stuff. I’d start with Snow Crash.

I did not know that. Thank you.

The murders in the Rue Morgue were done by an Orangutan, IIRC.
ETA. Didn’t he do one about a bird, too???