Govt. Docs-formatting?

I’m doing a little project in conjunction with a work of fiction, where I want to create a document that looks similar to an actual government document/memorandum/report(preferably DoD) as far as formatting goes. I feel that the best way to do that would be to actually find .PDF’s of declassified government documents, preferably pertaining to things that were top-secret/black during the 1940’s/1950’s/1960’s but are now common knowledge.

Does anyone know where I can find things like this?

I only really care about the formatting, including any warnings about authorization and such.

Hey, I’ve pushed hundreds of these things.

Shoot me an e-mail, and I can send you blank copies of regular documents (that ain’t classified). I’ll can send you Excel and/or Word documents.

Just lemme know!

And while I’m thinking of it:

Air Force Publishing Online has all the blank documents you could ever want (Lookup an “1924” at the top for a standard “Events Log”). It also has links to other standard Navy, Army, and DoD forms.

You may have to download and install freeware, but it’ll get you started in the meantime.

The only caveat to this site, is that you can’t alter the format of the forms like you could in Word.