Grammar Cartoon

Grammar Allergy

It seems tailor made for Dopers
I searched and couldn’t find it, but my apologies in advance if this has been posted before.

Nice, but why not link to the original strip instead of a tiny reproduction on some image hosting site?

I laughed. And then posted both on FB and Twitter.

ETA: and then moved the thread from CS to MPSIMS.

Because I didn’t find it at there and my link opens at the same size as yours on my browser?

Twickster: Thanks.

This sentence is even funnier than the OP.

Let’s call it irony.

There should be a comma after God.

Spelling errors aren’t grammatical errors.

There *are *no spelling errors.

Just grammatical ones.

True, but a lot of them would be impossible to detect in speech.

Not if you’re speaking in word balloons.

If you are a fan of grammar comics, check out these as well.


I’ll share these with the writer’s group. Our self described grammar-nazi needs something new to pick at.

Hey, thanks for linking my comics. I’m glad you did, because it brought me to these message boards — they definitely look interesting. Think I’ll stick around a while. - Matt


I really enjoyed your comics. Mind you, anything referencing Cookie Monster is off to a good start with me.

Make sure to get all your corn comics in today…we’re a bit like Brigadoon. It’ll look like a different place tomorrow.

I’m glad Pseudocode linked to them too…there is some good stuff there!
Misuse of the word “literal” is one of my pet peeves.

*I have a few peeves. I keep them in an aquarium.

-Popcorn is the new Kernel

Welcome to the SDMB. The initiation committee will be along shortly. Please stand over there <points at X mark on the floor> and put on this blindfold.

I promise that this won’t hurt a bit.
Right, whose turn is it to fetch Mariah?

Mariah, Mariah, they caaaaall the squuuuuid Mariah. ♫ ♫

Initiation? Squid? Committee? Blindfold? Oh boy… I’m having flashbacks.

And the goat. We mustn’t forget the goat.