Grammy winners always perform before award?

Doesn’t it seem to take away any suspense regarding who will win, when the winner performs PRECEDING the actual “opening of the envelope” announcement? I know this is a long standing Grammy tradition, but any speculation about the winners in a category is moot, when all you have to do is look at who is performing live on the show. Oopps, I’m taking the Grammys seriously. My bad.

Yes, it seems to happen all the time and has seemingly forever. And yes, the Grammy people swear that it is just coincidence. Now, can I sell you a grain of salt to that that statement with?

Eminem did not win the award he was nominated for just after he performed. Neither did Bruce S.

There ARE some award shows in which it’s obvious who’s going to win. The Grammies aren’t one of them.

For example, look at the People’s Choice Awards. Those are not particularly prestigious awards, and no major celebrity would take the time or trouble to attend them unless he/che KNEW with 100% certainty that he/she was going to win. So (hypothetically), if the nominees for Favorite Actor were Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks, and you noticed minutes earlier that Tom Cruise was in the audience, it’s a LOCK that Cruise is the winner, and that he was TOLD beforehand that he was the winner. There’s ZERO suspense at a minor awards show like that.

Now, at the Grammies, nearly every award presentation is preceded by ONE of the five nominees performing the nominated song- but, not surprisingly, that artist is only the winner about 20% of the time! I’ve seen MANY instances over the years in which the performer at the Grammies didn’t win- just last night, we saw it happen to Bruce Springsteen.

astorian, most if not all the winners (of at least one award, in any category they were nominated) performed during the Grammys. It may be for different reasons, but usually those who win awards perform during the show.

Although it didn’t happen last night with Bruce Springsteen, it happened with Eminem, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Norah Jones, John Meyers, and at least someone else, I think Lavigne and either Vanessa Carlton or Michelle Branch. I don’t think Nelly and Kelly Rowland won anything, either.

Springsteen won three Grammys last night (Rock Song, Rock Album and Male Rock Vocal Performance), Michelle Branch won Pop Collaboration with Vocals with Sanatana; Nelly won Male Rap Solo Performance and Rap/Sung Collaboration with Kelly Rowland.

Also Faith Hill won Female Country Vocal Performance; Dixie Chicks won Country Album and Country Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocal and Country Instrumental Performance as well as Recording Package; Ashanti won Contemporary R&B Album. No Doubt won Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group; Sheryl Crow won Female Rock Vocal Performance; Coldplay won Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and Alternative Music Album.

If you include Foo Fighters winning Hard Rock Performance because of Dave Grohl’s appearance in the Clash tribute and Dave Grusin’s win for arranging James Taylor, I make it 27 Grammys going to people who performed last night. I don’t know how you’d do much better than that.