The Grammys..

… are looking more and more like a high school production every year.

Is anyone else watching this? Embarrassing sound problems! Missed cues! Botched teleprompter readings!! We got it all here at the [Whatever Number Of Years They’ve Kept This Horse Excrement Afloat]th Annual Grammy Awards.

Robin Williams, you were funny. When I was twelve.

Avril Lavigne, your live voice is almost making me pine for the days of Alanis Morissette. Please stop that.

Norah Jones, you’re cool. You can stay.

All I know is that I am in “agreeance” with Fred Durst, regarding the war…

Oh Lord
Oh Jesus
That Ashanti thing with the kids was the schmaltziest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Apparently in the years since I’ve quit watching TV on a regular basis, all of network television has morphed into a 24/7 SNL skit.

Well, there have been worse Grammy shows…like last year.

Simon & Garfunkel opening the show was perfect, and was a very pleasant surprise. James Taylor did a great performance as well, and was worth suffering through Vanessa Carlton and John Mayer. Norah Jones was absolutely wonderful, she deserves all that she’s won.

Coldplay performing with the New York Philharmonic wasn’t all that bad, I actually kind of liked it. The performance by Bruce Springsteen was well done also.

I’m on the west coast, so I’m still watching it. It’s an okay show in my opinion. Not the greatest, but not by any means the worst. Well, so far anyway. :slight_smile:

adds in

Okay, I could have gone without listening to N’SYNC. They couldn’t pick better singers for a tribute?

The could have miked Harvey Fierstein in the bathroom, and it would have sounded better than N’Sync.

That is, if they could have figured out how to make the microphones work.

How pathetic is it that the RECORDING INDUSTRY’s awards show can’t figure out how to set up the audio? I’m hearing microphone hum, bad mixes, poor effects, live microphones in inappropriate spots, and in general this whole show is just an incredible mess.

I’ve heard Karaoke nights in biker bars that sounded better.

I actually like the whole hostless thing, maybe they’re testing it out…

I second everything in AfterAugust’s first post. Simon and Garfunkel were awesome! James Taylor, John Mayer, Norah Jones–all terrific performances.

Dixie Chicks were great as well. Faith Hill sounded horrible.

No Doubt didn’t blow me away tonight, but I generally like them and Gwen Stefani is a goddess and I could just turn the sound down and stare at her!

Praise the lord the Avril Lavinge got skunked.

And who the hell is Norah Jones? Did she win more than Lauren Hill did a few years ago?

Bruce Springsteen got rock album of the year? Just another indication that the voters are totally out of touch with pop america.

Eminems performance was fantastic. He was robbed of both Song of the Year and Album of the Year.

Bruce and the boys were great as usual.

The Joe Strummer tribute was really good. Bruce, Little Steven, Elvis, and Dave Grohl singing “London Calling”!? Killer man!

Hey, I thought NSYNC (or however they spell it) sounded great. I thought Coldplay following (and accompanied by) the NY Philharmonic was a mistake. I think they were trying to say how “serious” their music is, but it just highlighted the lead singer’s awful voice.

Aretha looked very, very bad. Like she belonged atop a whale’s wedding cake. Come on Aretha! You could show the world that being large and in charge is a beautiful thing. Instead, everytime you go out in public you give credence to all those “fat people should be locked away from normal people’s sight” idiots.

Eminem was also very good. But then he did one of the only 3 songs of his that I really, really like.

We at home couldn’t decide if the Dixie Chick in black was still pregnant or not.

I thought Eryka Badu (or however she spells it) owning up to and then recovering from her flub was kinda funny. I though Alicia Key’s “I can’t see the prompter, so I’m gonna jump around and say what I want” thing was a little annoying.

They couldn’t get any member of The Clash to show up?

All in all I was supremely entertained.

One more thing!

When they did the memorial and showed the music industry people who passed this year, did anyone else think it was in bad taste to cheer when a perfomer you like was shown? I know the audience was just showing their appreciation, but it felt like “Yay! One of the Gibb brothers died! Hurray! Joe Strummer is dead! Let’s all clap!”

I liked John Mayer’s acoustic performance. Especially the little faked out bass drum with the guitar part.

I wish Coldplay had done a different song, but so be it.

I’m sick of that Eminem song. Wish he had done a newer one.

I thought Dustin Hoffman’s opening of the Grammy’s was embarrassingly bad. He’s a professional actor who has spent his entire career preparing lines, hitting his mark, and saying them. To get up on live TV so ill-prepared and unrehearsed was in very bad form.

Also, if I were running things, if a presenter didn’t show up for the rehearsal, I wouldn’t let them on stage during the show.

In their defense, keep in mind that this is probably the most complicated show in the world to engineer. And a live show can never duplicate the production you hear on a CD.

It was great seeing S&G singing together again.

I was never a big BeeGees fan or NSynch fan, but I enjoyed their performance. Lot’s of singers wouldn’t dare sing without a band backing them up.

James Taylor is always great, but why did he sing an old song?

Overall, I liked the show very much.

The Dixie Chick in black is not still pregnant. Though from the size of her hooters I’m guessing she may still be nursing. (Yes, the entire household was smitten with her cleavage)

Dustin Hoffman blew chunks. Apparently he left his acting skills in his other pants.

I only watched the first hour, but that alone was enough to get me stewing. I don’t hold the Grammys in very high regard in the first place - nominees aren’t necessarily GOOD musicians. But watching the show just really hammers it home.

And I don’t know who this John Mayer character is, but I’m convinced that his singing sounds like it does because he’s trying to sing through the funny faces that guitarists typically make when they’re playing real hard. His song wasn’t bad, but I can’t stand SEEING HIM SING IT!

Aw, man, I missed James Taylor! What song did he sing?

I have never been a Grammy awards fan, the only memorable moment I can recall from ANY show was when Ricky Martin blew the roof off of the dump in…when was it, 1998??

Otherwise, it’s usually a snooze fest full of bad performances and people who look like they don’t really want to be there anyway. Sounds like I didn’t really miss much…would have liked to have seen Eminem, though, I’m sure they’ll rerun the performance on VH-1 or somewhere.

I hadn’t realized that Thom Yorke had joined Coldplay

Uhh… who is Norah Jones? Yeah she made a great performance and she’s a wonderful musician, but I had no idea she was up for anything until the week before the Grammys. I thought the Grammys were about who made the greatest impact in music the previous year. I guess not. Norah and Bruce Springsteen, IMO didn’t do that at all.

Those who made the biggest impact in 2002:

No Doubt

And many others. Not Norah or Bruce.

The Grammys are not supposed to be about who made the greatest impact. The Grammys are supposed to be about who made the best music.

But I have to say that Norah did make an impact with her first album, it was refreshing for me at least… so its not suprising that she won as many awards as she did. I am not sure how much airplay she received in various cities.