Grammy Awards

Nobody watching? I only saw parts but totally agree with record of the year. Gaga disappointed a little. I thought she worked too hard to look like Bowie rather than concentrating on the music. I thought that they could have played Unforgettable for the entire In Memoriam section but I liked that they ended with it. Finally, it appears that Taylor Swift is really really pissed at Kanye but I can’t say I blame her (although I hated her dress). Anybody else have any thoughts?

I didn’t watch the show but a buddy texted me “Ghost wins Grammy for heavy metal… who the fuck are they?” I told him “Swedish band… cool look; shitty music”. A few minutes later he must have gone to YouTube (or maybe they performed during the show?) and he texted me again “wow they’re terrible”. All I could say was “told ya”.

I was hoping Alabama Shakes would win, but I’m glad they got to perform.

Well, she’s as entitled as anyone to pay tribute but from this south London perspective something personal - rather than a garish Greatest Hits karaoke style - might have been a better choice. Bowie affected people personally, changing their lives, and as she says he did that for her. I don’t know what that was, maybe it made middle-aged Intel exec’s happy.

Hey, I actually have heard of someone who won this year.


I thought it was a pretty good show all in all. Enjoyed it more than I usually do. I thought Gaga put on an interesting and visually entertaining performance in her salute to Bowie, though I can see how people really into Bowie wouldn’t have liked it. But when you’re on television, to be visually entertaining can be tempting.

I thought Alabama Shakes were great. I’m glad they got the exposure and acclaim they got tonight and was rooting for them to win Album of the Year. I like Taylor Swift just fine but I’ve never thought a lot of her as either a majorly talented singer or songwriter. Despite her popularity she seems like a lightweight to me, and I sort of rolled my eyes without intending to when she won as I felt she was already way overdone. I’d have preferred to see just about any of the other nominees win.

What was it that Bruno Mars shouted out just before his song was named Record of the Year? It’s like he knew in advance his song was gonna win.

It was a good night for my state of Alabama. Three awards for Alabama Shakes and two for Jason Isbell.

The Alabama Shakes have came a long way from Egan’s Bar (just down the road from me) and our local “Brews Cruise”. (That’s my buddy Bo sitting in on the bongos. :))

I tuned in and out during the show to catch the performances I wanted to see (e.g., Alabama Shakes, Kendrick Lamar, B.B. King tribute, Bowie tribute, etc.). In fact, the only reason I watch the Grammys is for the performances since I stopped caring about who won what award a long time ago.

Found out what Bruno Mars shouted right before his win. Beyonce was about to announce the winner and he shouted “Let’s go, Beyonce. Let’s do it!


I am glad I already have my Hamilton tickets, because after that performance I anticipate them to be even harder to get.

Yup, I was very disappointed in Gaga’s Bowie tribute… I expect her to have genuine creativity, and that just felt like it was, at heart, an old-school lounge singer’s medley, tricked up with high-tech bells and whistles. And she was so obviously lip-synching. I just cringed. I much preferred the tribute to Maurice White by Stevie Wonder and Pentatonix – really classy.

Seeing the TV debut of Hollywood Vampires was fun – in that realm, nothing succeeds like excess.

And damn, how is it that Bonnie Raitt can be hotter now than she was 40 years ago??

I mostly tuned in for Gaga’s Bowie tribute and I agree with up_the_junction. I mean, I guess I’d rather have a half assed tribute as opposed to no tribute, but if felt pretty soulless. There’s been some complaints that it was more of a memorial show and I can see that, but I didn’t mind for the most part. Also, I never thought I’d say this, but I get a total kick out of The Bieb’s Love Yourself. I assume it’s a not so subtle message to . . . Selena Gomez(?) (I may not have my teen tabloid facts right).

Meghan Trainor for best new artist??? Egad.

As usual, the most often badly chosen award. This is the one where the Indigo Girls lost to Milli Vanilli.

I usually don’t care about the Grammys because I’m not always paying attention to music as a whole each year but…Meghan Trainor over Courtney Barnett?

I can’t even.

Yeah, could have done better with the Bowie tribute, but they did have just a month to assemble. Good though to have Nile Rodgers right there with Gaga. (And let’s face it Eno and Iggy would have been not quite CBS’s type :wink: )

Heck yeah… Guard them with your life :wink: Seth: “no surprise here… Hamilton!” Yup, when you’ve brought forth The Biggest Thing On Broadway… Grammy had bettersit up and notice.

Whole bunch of people here happy for LMM. A 'Rican making a YOOGE hit about a Founding Father who also came from the Islands, what’s not to love?

Maybe we can now save Alex on the $10 and instead ditch Andy from the $20… any theatre fans at the Mint?

And Lin-Manuel’s acceptance rap was something else, worth sitting through the show itself. Makes you wonder what they have ready for the Tonys.

Was it just my cable system or sound system at fault? The whole night had the vocals as badly miked as if the singers were in a well. Ruined just about every song. I’m sure the Staples Center is lousy to stage but these are supposed to be professionals.

None of you heard this?

I did notice that there were seconds of silence, as if things were being censored but that didn’t seem right, in context. I thought it was my crappy cable provider.

Yeah, there were scads of tech problems.

Meghan Trainer as best new artist??? Maybe it just seems like she’s been around forever. Can’t listen to that song one more time!!

I’m not talking about tech problems. The vocals were deeply buried in the mix throughout, right from the moment that Taylor Swift appeared. Neither my wife nor I could guess what words she was singing.