Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap is awesome

I just started using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap after buying it on a whim when I smelled it at the store - I think I will never use another soap as long as I live. This soap is not for everyone - it’s just about the “manliest” smelling soap I have ever encountered. The smell, while hard to describe, is like a combination of tobacco, leather, burning logs, and smoked meat. It smells very strong while you’re actually using the soap (which I like) but only a faint lingering of it remains - not enough to put off anyone else, if they happened not to like it. And it is really good on the skin. I feel like almost all soap either makes my hands feel too moist or too dry. Not this one - it’s just right.

Anyone else use this stuff?

Ooh! I do! I love that stuff. It cleans great and smells awesome!

I use it in place of shampoo because it’s supposedly good for dandruff. It makes the entire bathroom smell smoky/pine-y even when I’m not using it. I don’t think the smell clings to my hair (that I’ve noticed). On the other hand, I rinse with vinegar instead of conditioner, so maybe that overpowers the scent. (I’m female fwiw.)

I’ve thought about trying that before - they sell it at a co-op I belong to. My husband gets tired of the girly soaps we usually have and I don’t mind an earthier scent. I’m going to give it a try next time we’re in need of soap.

That actually sounds rather interesting. I do like “manly” scents; one of my favourite colognes is Cubano, which smells like a wine-dipped cigar; musky and a little smoky with a touch of sweetness. All of those scents you describe sound quite nice. I may have to give this a try. Right now I’ve been using Axe shower gel (snake peel or phoenix, whichever I’m in the mood for), which is nice, but I’d like something different, and this sounds like just the ticket.

Where, specifically, might one find this product?

Grandpa Brands

My boyfriend uses it. He swears by it for his eczema. I’m not sure if it helps his eczema but that’s what he likes. He’s never said that he digs the smell because it’s manly. If I sniff hard enough I can smell it on him. I tell him he smells like George Brett :wink: