Grant Morrison and The Filth

I’m a Grant Morrison fanboy. I loved his Doom Patrol, I loved The Invisibles, even when I had no idea what the hell was happening in it. I like his stuff despite his wacky-assed philosophy and dippy mysticism because he’s so much fun. He’s written some of the best comics I’ve ever read - some of the best individual issues.

So when I heard he had a new miniseries coming out - The Filth - I eagerly snagged it up.

And it’s really bad.

Not just bad. It’s truly awful. It’s not fun at all. We’re deep in Garth Ennis territory here, where everything seems to only serve the purpose of trying to shock or offend me. The emphasis is on sex, of course (it’s a Vertigo book, and them’s the rules) and it got old by issue three. It’s kind of like the Invisibles except it makes even less sense and you don’t have to worry about liking any of the characters.

I read something that said originally he wanted it to go out uncredited - not because he was embarassed of it, though. Had this happened, I’m not sure I would have known it was Morrison. I would have thought it was a really poor parody of him. Or, more likely, a really poor parody of him and Garth Ennis.

Come on, Grant, you’re better than this. I don’t like thinking that I should dump the Filth when there’s only 6 more issues or so of it. Make us proud again.

I like it OK; it’s not the Invisibles, but what is? Plus, we’re only halfway through. After the most recent issue, it does seem like Slade/Feely has had some sort of apotheosis about the necessity of the Hand and I think we’ll soon get some more meat to the series than we have in the last few issues.