Grass-Growing Toy

“Grass” as in the stuff cows eat.

Whenever I see fresh, new grass - especially when I touch its softness - I flashback to this “toy” I had in the '60’s. No one in my family remembers it.

What I recall is that it was green plastic shaped like a castle. The walls were maybe 2 or 3 inches high, and there were taller towers. You put soil and grass seed in the large enclosed area (about 12" x 6" ?) then poured water into the towers. Voila! Soon grass would sprout.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Did it zip when it moved, bop when it stopped and whir when it stood still? I had one of those too. I never knew just what it was, and I guess I’ll never will.

[sub] or maybe it was a Chia-Castle[/sub]

No, this was not a Marvelous Toy, just an ok one.

Chia-Castle. Hmmm…

I still have a head made out of clay (think of a clay flower pot, but in the shape of a man’s head) that was made in the 50s. Same principal as the Chia-pet, but marketed long before. You put grass seeds in the grooves around the guy’s head, added water, and the guy grew grass/hair.