Great Big Sea! Woooo!

Just kicking back and listening to my Great Big Sea CD and I wanted to express two things:

  1. Great Big Sea rules!
  2. Wooo!
  3. Hi, Opal!

Great big sea…! I thought I was one of the only one knowing who they are!

I only discovered GBS recently, and I agree, they’re quite fun!

LOVE them. I saw them at the Minnesota State Fair last summer on recommendation from a Newfoundland friend and I’ve been hooked every since.

Only now I know their lyrics and they must come back here. Soon. Please.

Saw them live here on the beach. They were second billing, but the evening was theirs.

Yay! They came here, we had tickets, but I (of course!) got sick so we didn’t go. Now they need to come back!

GBS rules. Although I saw them live a bunch of times (being from Eastern Canada) the best time was when I saw them live just after their 2nd CD release. It was in a tiny pub, and we sat about 30 feet away from them. Good times…

I love their song “Home for a Rest”.

I’m not sure if they wrote it or not, but the lyrics are great!

Been there done that…


I belive Spirit of the West did that last one.

They have a DVD coming out soon. Yay!

We saw them in concert with a home crowd in St. John’s. Fabulous.

Home for a Rest is indeed by Spirit of the West, though it’s at least possible that GBS has covered it. They haven’t, to my knowledge, but my knowledge is not all-encompassing.

Speaking of the DVD, it only looks like it’s coming out in Canada, at the moment. So if I order it (or get it through my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Canadian connections), it probably won’t work here in the States, right? Regions, and all that.

It will work just fine. Canada and the US are both Region 1, and both use the NTSC TV format. Enjoy! Great Big Sea always make me smile when I hear them.

You’re right!

And I call myself a Canadian…

Fuq, I suck.

Well… Spirit of the West ROCKS!


I occasionally catch Great Big Sea songs on MSN Radio, Irish Pub Music along with all kind of other good Irish/Celtic inspired stuff. I need to get one of thier CD’s

I’d never heard of them until they opened for my very favorite band ever (Cowboy Mouth) last month. I was hooked on GBS instantly! I think the show I saw was their first in Texas, but I’ll definately track them down if they come here again.

Great music, great show.

Time to contact the Canadian black market…

“Eh, we need some Molson, eh, and tell me aboot this Great Big Sea DVD, eh?”

I saw GBS last spring, and it was one of the most energetic and entertaining shows I’ve ever seen.

Lovely music. Love 'em to death.

“I just have to love a country…where a band that plays Irish music -Great Big Sea- are rock stars” -Matt Bivins of Jump, Little Children.

'nother GBS fan. I’m not too familiar with their music, since I haven’t bought a CD yet, but a friend gave me a mix CD with a live version of Boston and St. John’s (I think that’s the title) and I’ve been hooked ever since.