Great Debates or Great Masturbates?

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Diane, IANE (I am not Esprix), but I addressed this very topic in my article in this month’s Teemings.

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Good lord. That is a horribly, tragic story about your friend.

Too late, Saint Zero. Here is a quote from him/her from this thread;

(bolding mine)

ssj_man2k? I think he’s the one who hijacked a Great Debate to mumble something about what he called “ceratonin” and then used his feeble understanding of it to conclude that science had proven God does not exist. His eye-popping logic disability prompted me to start a thread called Science and Exposition. After posting it, I feared that he would click on it, thinking it was about exhibitionists. I’m just glad that people like Yue Huan, WaterJ, and Monster104 are around to dispel the myth that the brains of America’s youth are all worthless mush.

Y’know, this would be a good premise for a Chick Tract Parody.

If someone can write a good script, I can draw it up (I’ve been trying to think of a good one since all the other ones were already “claimed”).

SPOOFE, it’s been done as a Saturday Night Live skit. Frat boys find a magic lamp, and the genie grants them their wish of watching two lesbians in action - they were, of course, two of the butchest things around, and spent much time reading poetry and complimenting each other, and thanking the goddess for being women. When one of them became aroused, they begged the genie to take them away. T’was quite funny.