Great Debates or Great Masturbates?

Lame title, I know. I just had to blow off a little steam here. In this thread:
There is a discussion going on regarding whether or not a same-sex kiss should be allowed into a high school yearbook. Several posters commented about how they would love to see “lesbian action” in their yearbooks, etc. Andygirl responded that it really irritated her to constantly hear/read that kind of stuff whenever the word lesbian is mentioned. For many subsequent posts, the discussion continued regarding the OP.

One would think her point was made and that the topic would drop, but no. Instead, we get this crap:


I eventually replied (after addressing the OP):

to which bashere (and who the hell is this guy? He never bothered answering the OP at all, just threw this beauty in at me):

And we also get ssj_man2k saying:

Well, yes- I would, thank you. Hey, moron. What part of “GREAT DEBATES” don’t you understand? If you want to start a thread about hot lesbian action and how much you like pornography, go ahead. Don’t interrupt an intelligent discussion with your stupidity and bait people into arguing with you about your opinions. If you had an attention span longer then a gnat, you might be able to remember the topic “Should ‘same sex kiss’ be in yearbook”, not “does ssj_man2k get turned on by lesbians”.

And while I’m at it, a hearty “fuck you, assclown” to bashere for accusing me of condemming hetro men who like to watch lesbians. I’m hardly a repressed church-lady, and regardless, you don’t come into a Great Debates thread with a drive-by insult and not contribute anything else. Next time show some balls and post it here, where it belongs.


[sub]bolding mine[/sub]


Dude. Read a book. Pick up a dictionary while you’re at it.

I was following that thread for a while. I think I have to go back and check it out again. I had no idea it had taken such an ignorant turn.

and what is ‘gauking’? Does it keep the drafts out in the winter?

I don’t think I need to voice the clear-as-waterford-to- everyone-else thought that women and men and their sexual practices are not here for YOUR hard on, ssj. Grab a flight to Amsterdam if you want to watch people have sex in front of you.

And expect the consequences? WHAT THE HELL?

I suppose I shouldn’t have worn a skirt to work today, then that gross and oogy guy on the el who was obviously horny wouldn’t have grabbed my thigh. Lord knows we can’t ask human beings to practice a little self restraint.

What was I thinking :rolleyes:


What would be oh so delightful is if we could get the glurge and useless shit out of GD. Want to say how much you’d love to get some HOTT LESBIAN ACTION? There’s a thread in MPSIMS about women masturbating and how it turns guys on. Go splooge in that thread, and leave those of us still typing with both hands to matters of actual importance and non-flirtacious behavior.

Not that there’s anything wrong with flirting and/or off-topic discussions about the fact that someone wants some lesbian action going on in their living room. I just don’t think GD is the place for it (and the forum descriptions seem to agree with that notion).

ssj_man2k, you moron, while statements like…

…may sound cute to you, please let me say that I can’t think of a single incident like you imply would happen. I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never heard of a homosexual being killed for being a homosexual.

It doesn’t happen here, believe it or not. Grow up.

Oh, and it gets better!

sigh Let’s talk bigotry for a second. Like the type you keep implying happens here and you keep spewing about the South, Homosexuals, and god knows what else. I can’t recall the last lynching we had here. I do believe they went out of style in the late 60’s. So that’s at least 30 years of improvements you’ve skipped.

Now this one is cute…

See my above comments. And YOUR words.
Hopefully, you’ll shut up before saying anything else stupid. I’m not holding my breath, however.

Well, that’s not entirely true, SZ. A friend of mine in Arkansas was murdered for that exact reason. But it isn’t a common occurance by any means.

Sorry, gotta add another one - my friend Randy was killed in Missouri for being gay.

Then again, Matthew Sheppard was killed in Wyoming - is that considered south or midwest?

Regardless, it’s not fair to paint all southerners that way. It’s obscene enough that it happens anywhere in the country.


I believe it’s considered to be part of the western US.

Not that it really needs to be said, but I’d just like to make clear that disgusting twerps like ssj_man2k do not speak for all heterosexual maledom. I draw a big, heavy, totally unmistakable Magic Marker line between myself and nadslingers like him.

I live in Texas.

I saw a couple of lesbians making out in a Starbucks parking lot last month.

Not only was I able to contain my southern homosexual killing rage, it wasn’t as hot as I would have thought.

When you take away the porno music, fuck me pumps, body makeup, lipstick, long red fingernails, big ass hair, good lighting, and totally hot nude babes you really loose something. All that was left was two people making out in a parking lot BIG FUCKING DEAL.

I hardly watched for more than 5 minutes. :smiley:

Male person checking in.

:o OK, male person who finds lesbianism uh…fascinating…checking in here.

I hereby declare my complete support for the right of women who love women to pursue their preoccupations and extracurricular activities and obsessions without my ogling prying eyes (or more active ahunterish paraphernalia) attempting to become part of the scene.

After all, if I had a nice thing going on with someone cute that I met, I would NOT APPRECIATE IT if someone who was turned on by watching girls n boys flirt started hovering and salivating!

(That being said, I will nevertheless promptly RSPV any invitations issued by sapphic sisterlings who who wish an audience).

Seriously, though, a smile and a nod and friendly wishes to the both of you and I shall continue on and leave you in peace.

I agree, death for who somebody has sex with has to be one of the most ignorant things. (even harrassment is sooo low on the intellegence meter)

On the other hand, I hear about people getting killed for their jacket here in Kansas City, you sure it was because he was gay, or he had on a nice jacket?

Is it just me, or does this statement sound like someone saying a woman who is raped was asking for it because she wore a short skirt?

Well, I sorta hesitate to join in, but I wanted to make it clear that in my mind there are three categories of lesbianism-fetish straight men:

  1. The nice ones. These are the guys that remember to wipe the drool off their chins, the ones who admit to their fetish and then let it go. I have absolutely no problem with these guys; I figure, hey, it’s gotta contribute to a good outlook on homosexuality. Plus, I’d rather have them fantasizing about lesbians than about, oh, their dogs.

  2. The Mr. Persistents. These guys drive me nuts. I mean, okay, you had to ask. Fine, we’re all entitled to ask. I told you no. Why do you think I’m going to change my mind if you ask me 1,000 more times? If you mention it every time you see me? If you interject some sexual remark into every sentence you speak or type to me? Really, Mr. Persistent, there are easier ways to get rid of me, if that’s what you want.

  3. The assholes. These are the ones who make statements like ssj-whoever-the-fuck did: gee, everyone on the planet is responsible for my sexuality but me! If those women just wouldn’t be so damn - female - I wouldn’t be forced to gawk (that’s how it’s spelled, btw, ssj, in case you, you know, wanted to graduate from high school sometime) at them and force myself on them and jerk off on them on the subway. Damn those women, the rotten temptresses! How can I control my testicles when they continue to blatently incite me by existing?

Anyway, I just wanted to say: I have met many guys who fall into category 1, and liked 'em fine - friends with 'em still, for the most part. I’ve met some guys who, unfortunately, fall into category 2, and I’ve dealt with them fine. And I’ve met a few guys in category 3, and wished I believed in a god so I could thank him for taking me out of the dating dance of the sexes forever, just on the off chance I might a) go out on a date with a guy and b) have it be one of these guys.

This thread is not about whether or not you should find lesbianism sexy, it’s about bringing it up in a Great Debates thread that is not about sexy lesbian practices.

Anyway, I heard from bashere via e-mail, who wrote a very nice letter and apologized to me for his comment. I consider that a very big thing to do and will forgive and forget as of now. Thanks for being the kind of person who would take the time to explain yourself in an intelligent, honest manner.


That’s what I was hoping for, but Poofy had a headache.

Arden: Murder is foul, no matter what brought it on: My ondolences for your friend. Thankfully, I can’t recall an incident here in Mississippi.


We’ll never know for sure, as the police didn’t really bother to do much investigating. Then again, he went out Christmas Eve, and they found his truck burnt out on the side of some highway a few days later. A few months later they found his decomposed remains on the side of a riverbank and had to identify him by his dental records. That was the last I heard of the investigation.

That reminds me - his birthday is coming up. I should drop his mother a line. Lovely woman. Horrible thing. Randy deserved better.


Esprix -

I should ask this in your Ask The Gay Guy Thread, but your story made me think.

Do you think that hate crimes have increased or decreased over the last 30 years? If you feel that they have increased, could it be that it only seems like more because of the hate crime law and more attention through the media than in the past?

I ask because I too had a gay friend killed. When I was in highschool back in 1979 or 1980, I met a guy named Dave. He was in his early 20’s, gay, and lived alone in a remote area. I don’t know how it started, but his house became an almost continuous keg party for highschool and college kids. He was a very lonely man and encouraged these parties. He was always kind to everyone and although he let us kids party at his house, he was never inappropriate.

Word got out that he was gay. Most of us didn’t give it a second thought, while others continued to use him for parties but would say hateful things and gave him the nickname Dave the Queer. For two others, a deep hate developed.

One night two 19 year old boys broke into his house, tied him up and tortured him, including cutting off an arm. They poured gasoline over him and throughout the house then burnt him alive. They said he suffered horrifically.

The media drug Dave’s name through the mud. The focus was taken off the vile acts of the killers and centered on Dave’s sexual preference in a way that made it look like he was partially responsible. I also saw and heard the same type of reaction from others. It was like these people felt his death was lessoned because he was only “Dave the Queer”.

I have always wondered how different the public and media would have reacted had his murder happened 20 years later. Do you think there would have been a lot of differences or do we still have a long way to go?

Oh, this happened in Utah, which is considered a western state.

I read this as “Mr. President” the first time through! :eek: