Great live albums from the nineties

I know live albums are a controversial subject, but I like me some good live album, some of my favorite albums are live ones. I’m now listening toNirvana’s Live At Reading, and it’s fantastic, so full of overblowing energy that it almost bursts from my speakers. Together with its acoustic companion piece, Unplugged In New York, it shows that Nirvana probably was the last rock band that really mattered. I totally concur with the allmusic reviews of them I linked to. The intensity of both these recordings is staggering. I like a lot of other bands and music of the decade, but draw a blank to name any other live recording from that time that comes close. I could name a bunch of other live albums from other decades that I like as well. So what did I miss? Please post you favorites from that decade.

(yeah, and I know that Live At Reading wasn’t technically a nineties album, as it was first released in 2009, but recorded in 1992, and that’s what counts)

Ooh, I got one (or two) myself. Both “Weld” (1991) and “Year Of The Horse” (1997) were great slúdgy, slushy, ear-shattering showcases for Neil Young with Crazy Horse. So it doesn’t matter if it was a nineties act, only that it was recorded in the nineties.

Vanilla Ice —Extremely Live (1991)

As they say to each his own.

They’re great albums to be sure, Unplugged in particular, but let’s try to get a grip here.
I’d put Peter Gabriel’s “Secret World Live” (1994) right up there with “Unplugged in New York” in terms of greatness, intensity, passion. It just doesn’t have the poignancy of Unplugged with its proximity of Cobain’s death.

Alice in Chains Unplugged (1996) - I still listen to this album all these years.

And since we’re taking albums released in later decades, I’ll offer Tori Amos “Live at the Montreaux” which was released in 2008 but recorded in '92.

Slayer’s Decade Of Aggression (1991) is a still-decent live album.

Another nod to Neil Young’s Weld, eh.

How many “Unplugged” albums were there? I only remember Nirvana, Clapton and 10,000 Maniacs, but there were apparently a string of them and they were all swell!

*Pearl Jam Unplugged *was eventually released in 2009, and is, IMO, better than the Nirvana Meat Puppets tribute album.

And seconding 10,000 Maniacs Unplugged and** Peter Gabriel’s Secret World**.

Also (glances through library) others in the timeframe I prefer to Nirvana:
The Stone Roses Live: Blackpool Empress Ballroom,
Raw Melody Men by New Model Army,
Earth Inferno by Fields of the Nephilim,
*Live Seeds *by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Towards the Within by Dead Can Dance
Show by The Cure

Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but I used to love Mark Eitzel’s Songs of Love: Live at the Borderline 17.01.91

Actually, still do love it, just don’t play it so much now!


ETA: I’m just about 100% sure this is one of those rare live albums with no overdubs past the “1,2,3,4” of the first track, and sounds perfect. Here’s a video clip of the first two songs.

As mentioned already, Alice in Chains unplugged is amazing. It’s not quite the final concert with Layne Staley. But…much in the same way as Nirvana Unplugged is not the final concert with Kurt Cobain, they both kind of serve that role.

Barely saw Layne Staley after this, though he did appear some and even recorded a couple more studio songs before disappearing for years and then dying.

Metallica did their live S&M album in 1999 and it is also really good.

Hot Tuna “And Furthurmore” recorded during (I believe) 2 Furthur Fests, 96 and 98. Live music don’t git no better than this!

Iced Earth “Alive in Athens” (1999) is a pretty big deal in metal circles, three hours spanning three CDs of the band in its prime.

Husker Du “The Living End”. Recorded in '87, released in '94.

Ice Cold Ice. The mix on the album is much less tinny than the version on Youtube.

Tool “Opiate”. It’s all-live except for maybe one track.

I know and like that album! And I like it for the fact that it has a much fatter sound than the usual tinny production of Hüsker Dü’s studio albums.

U2 Rattle&Hum

I knew that didn’t sound right. From Wikipedia: “The album was produced by Jimmy Iovine and was released on 10 October 1988, while the film was distributed by Paramount Pictures and was released on 27 October 1988.”

Queensryche’s Operation:Livecrime, and accompanying VHS performance.

Pulse by Pink Floyd. I first saw the concert on PBS in the late '90s, and I recorded it back then on VHS. Years later I bought the CD, and later the DVD. They do all of Dark Side of the Moon, much of Wish You Were Here, some of Division Bell, and many others.

I could’ve SWORN that came out in '91