Great! No Dope T-Shirt For My Germany Trip!

I wanted to wear the shirt on the plane and in the airports I would be laid-over in, but I cannot get a confirmation of the order I placed.

Great! I leave on Thanksgiving Day. I gave my credit card number, but have seen no evidence of a charge. Is there a problem?



I’ll try to get someone to look into it, but you’ll have faster response if you follow the instructions on the “Buy Stuff” page:

They’ll need info like name, address, date, credit card number, etc that would be inadvisable and difficult to handle in the Message Board.

Sorry you had a problem, and good luck with it and with your trip.

CK I e-mailed them already yesterday morning, but haven’t heard back yet. I sure was looking forward to wearing the t-shirt both on the plane and over in Deutschland.

I could just picture someone walking up to me, patting me on the shoulder and asking “Sind sie nicht ein Straight Doper?” And I would have replied, “Ja, ich bin ein Straight Doper!”, and then we would have done that little dance where we slap our thighs and each other on the face. We wouldn’t have Lederhosen on, but what the hell? :smiley:

I would place the order again, but since they have not answered, I’m afraid it would double it up, and then again there’s that waiting period. Maybe they are just very busy?

Thanks for the good wishes, CK. Nice of you to take the trouble to answer.



I just called a guy at the number CK gave me and they are sending my shirt out today and I should have it by early next week.

Here’s what happened, and y’all need to make a note of it: I put my location as being in the USA (which I am, of course), but according to the person I talked to, when you do that, it places your order into a “bin” and that bin considers your order as being from a foreign country and then they have to compute your shipping costs, and that’s why my order wasn’t processed like it should have been.

My friend at The Reader was very apologetic and offered to send my shirt for free, but since it benefits us Dopers and our board, I wouldn’t let him do that.

It’s enough to know my shirt will be here, and I might meet some fellow Dopers on my trip home.

I know, I know: “It doesn’t take much to make your day, does it, Quas’?”

No, it doesn’t. I’m a happy boy! :D:D:D:D


Cool stuff, Quasi! :smiley:

Glad it worked!

So CK mate, I think Quasi was too shy to ask directly, but it would seem there is a marketing niche for Straight Dope Lederhosen… :smiley:

Oooh, can we also have Straight Dope jackboots?

What? For stamping out ignorance, of course.

Disclaimer: poster is not familiar with jackboots and wouldn’t recognize one if he was being stamped on by one