Great stuff [regarding the Washington Post and the Mueller investigation]

One thing I have learned the past 2 years with the russiagate nonsense is how the washington post and some other outlets are not legitimate independent news services but are essentially arms of federal bureaucrats institutions. Guiliani played Mueller like a fool because Rudy has just as much, if not more clout, in the DOJ/FBI as Mueller does. Guiliani basically did to these bueraucratic jerks in the special counsel office what they/fbi/doj/cia did to trump during 2016/2017. They sent an informant in and extracted information. This is now called LEVERAGE and the silent coup folks knows this. So they push this nonsense in the washington post. Trump has these jerkd by the balls and everyone knows it. At the same time, Cocaine Mitch just killed the mueller protection legislation which is stupid and unconstitutional. What a comedy all around.

Well, there’s not much to say here except that I disagree.

  • Olson Johnson: [after Gabby Johnson’s speech] Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to Gabby Johnson for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.

[townspeople murmur and nod in approval] *

And you know all this because you read it on various websites on the Internet?

You don’t say.

Anyone care to translate the OP?

  1. What the hell are you talking about?

  2. What is your specific expertise on this subject?

  3. Washington Post, FBI, DOJ, CIA. Titles are capitalized in conventional English. I’ll spot you the misspellings and assume it was haste in getting your highly useful opinions out to the world.

“I reject your reality and substitute Trump’s”

Cocaine Mitch. Really? That’s real special.

Or, even more briefly" “Winning!”

I for one think we should interpret the OP as an expression of a working class squeezed by the policies of both parties and mocked by the scorn of liberal elites.

Good news, Chip, after the tax cuts for millionaires you’ll easily be able to afford the late fee stipulated in the rental agreement you didn’t read or keep a copy of!

Is this the line Breitbart and Infowars is taking? I’m sure Fox News will get in line soon as well.

I’m not following how Mitch Hedburg fits in this thread at all.

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Well, two things.

  1. To the extent that I can make out exactly what the OP’s intent here was, it seems to be a rant about the Washington Post and the Mueller investigation. Please use more descriptive titles when starting threads. Thread title edited in an attempt to be more specific.

  2. To the extent that I can make out exactly what the OP’s intent here was, it seems to be a rant about the Washington Post and the Mueller investigation. Rants belong in the Pit. Thread relocated from IMHO.

The OP is a fucking incoherent idiot and can fuck right off, the fucker.

“I used to be a moron. I still am, but I used to be, too.”

– The OP

I stopped reading the OP right here.

Doubtless we’ll soon be getting links to those worthless and baseless hit pieces published by the deep state shills at wapo.

Stewardess! I speak moron!

Awesome, we’re in the pit!

Chip, you’re an incredibly stupid asshole. Go away.