Great things about being queer!

In response to negative threads like this one and happy threads like this one, I wanted to start a new thread.

What are the good things about being gay, lesbian, bisexual transgendered, or queer?

My short list off the top of my head:

[ul][li]Instantly double your wardrobe[/li][li]People assume you’re witty and intelligent (which, of course, you are)[/li][li]Better dance clubs[/li][li]A man knows how to please a man, and a woman knows how to please a woman (Best. Sex. EVER.)[/li][li]We live in all the nice places in town[/li][li]Instant community that’s not afraid to kiss, hug, touch, and be friendly[/li][li]You can count fabulous drag queens among your ranks[/li][li]matt_mcl & Potter[/li][li]Unitarian Universalists think you’re boring[/li][li]You own Broadway[/ul][/li]
Others? Only positive stuff in this thread! :smiley:


The sexiest man I have ever known is gay.

Killer sequential thread titles, dude.

Great things about being queer!
I am seeing A Flock of Seagulls in concert tonight.


  • scott & jeremy evil

I made a magic post that doesn’t show up until you’re looking at the thread. Yay.

[sub]Oops. Now I have to look at one or all of the ATGG threads to see what the difference between “gay” and “queer” is. I’m so ignorant.[/sub]

Nobody is foolish enough to ask if you have PMT when you are just bloody well pissed off.

None of those silly straight A-frame hugs. Full body contact always.

Your SO remembers to tape the “Brini Maxwell” show.

Interchangeable razors.

Toilet seat up, no problem. Or. Toilet seat down, it just is.

You don’t have to “sing if you are glad you are gay”, you just are.

You are born with Gaydar. Heteros have to pay retail for it.

Great things about being queer:

Esprix. And his nipple stories.

  • The Pride Parade. Damn, I love letting it all hang out (metaphorically) and trooping up Rene-Levesque Blvd. with all the queer people I don’t usually get to see as such.

  • The Village. Okay, it’s mostly bars at this point, and L’Androgyne Bookstore closed, but where else am I gonna get raspberry and mango mousse tart, friendly conversation, all the rainbow crap you could ever want (including the metro station), and helpful advice on choosing the right dildo?

  • The Community. If it weren’t for the community, I’d be a totally isolated and permanently traumatized lil closet fag, and my best friend might still be on the streets. (I certainly wouldn’t know him.)

  • Not taking things for granted. Lets me be grateful for what I’ve got.

  • Being an outsider. Gives me a perspective that makes me a better human being. I got into activism because I’m queer.

  • Lesbian comedians.

  • Shounen-ai.

And last but not least,

  • The boiz, singly or in bunches. And one boi in particular. (Kiss on my Tommy-kun.)


You gain a certain level, because you have straight-relationship-magical-powers. You’re a guy, which automatically gets you in to a certain degree with other guys, and they’ll talk to you. Girls aren’t threatened by you, and they’ll talk to you. Thus, when you’re around, there’s an available translator, and the straight relationships in the vicinity immediately start working better.


Ahem, you gain a certain level of popularity and inspire confidence in others


Oh, I forgot! Women will let me fish penis-shaped mints out from between their ample boobies with my teeth.


You become VERY popular when it becomes known that you can do household repairs … AND, you have your own tools!

When you put on motorcycle leathers, they’re just plain sexy - as well as protective.

Inate, inborn knowledge of the correct hair products to use for every situation!

Great things about being bi:
The pool is that much greater. :smiley:
The ability to fulfill any stereotype for the fun of it and have it ‘fit’.
The ability to ignore all stereotypes, and make shit up, 'cause I’m just crazy like that.
The look on my boyfriend’s face when he realises I’m serious. :wink:

OK, that’s it! You win.

Oh wait, I don’t like mints. So now you’re just ahead on points.

“Great things about being bi.
The pool is that much greater”

Preach it.

As is the beach and just about every place else.

Twice the dating pool.

That was not in the brochures! :mad:

umm… just guessing, here, no actual personal experience… the look on peoples’ faces when you come out to them, and they had no clue whatsoever?

I get to be a woman, yet with the fashion sense and bitter humor of a gay man!

You’re a philanthropist. Why? Because you’re helping straight guys get laid by reducing the competition. Let’s face it, we couldn’t compete with guys who know how to dress themselves and like the theater…