Great Turkey Hill ice cream flavor!

I have had some of the best ice cream -evah- and now I can’t find any more of it! whimpers It’s probably for the best … I’m not supposed to be eating ice cream anyway, but good heavens, this was some delicious stuff – nectar of the gods! It’s Turkey Hill Party Cake ice cream. Vanilla ice cream with pieces of cake and buttercream frosting swirled through it. I don’t normally like ice cream with “chunks” of stuff in it, mind you… but I guess this was just like eating some birthday cake and ice cream, but all in one. I looked for it Friday and Saturday at the grocery stores, but couldn’t find it … the container said “feature flavor” and now there’s another “feature flavor!”

I’m going to see if I can find anything on the Turkey Hill home page … :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what they do. Edy’s makes several different variations on this theme too, with chocolate cake (my favorite), strawberry cake, and yes party cake. Being that I am from Turkey Hill country here, I do have to say that they make a fine ice cream. My personal favorite is Southern Lemon pie, with lemon ice cream. shortbread pieces, and swirls of marshmallow! YUM! Am so glad too that they have come out with lower carb versions too. It makes doing Atkins a much nicer thing.

Last year they had chocolate-covered pretzel ice cream as a featured flavor. It was frizappy.

Ooh, Turkey Hill ice cream! I’m going to be back up visiting DC next month, must make note to self to invest in some Turkey Hill while I’m there!

Partycake is good, but if you want something a little less sweet, try their Snickerdoodle Dandy. It is usually available in the fall.

Oh my.

If a person could actually die of longing, I would have just died.

Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookie. By far.

Ice cream is so high on my list of favorite foods that it isn’t even funny.

And you tell me that someone combined them.