Great X-mas Cocktails

Pointsetta (there are many versions of this)

1/3 malibu
1/3 Peach Schnapps
1/3 Cranberry
VERY Yummy- Served in a Highball with ice
Buterscotch Martini

2 oz Butterscotts
1 Oz Malibu Rum
Pineapple Juice
Very Festive, and tastes Just like Buttscotch

I have a TON more if interested

candy cane (shooter)

layer 1/3 grenadine, 1/3 green creme de menthe & 1/3 peppermint schnapps

polar bear (shooter)

1/2 peppermint schnapps, 1/2 white creme de cacao

rum ball (shooter)

1/2 dark rum, 1/2 dark creme de cacao