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will brette farve play next year?

There’s a lot of defensive backs in the Northern Division that hope so.

Headed for IMHO, IMHO.

Taking polls and asking for opinions belong in IMHO, so let me move it there.

samclem GQ moderator

No, he will use Sherman’s firing as an excuse to not come back. He’s a great QB, but won’t ever get to a Super Bowl again. He should retire and take a nice front office job. Between the Hurricane hitting his family, his wife’s cancer, deaths in the family, his heart doesn’t seem to be in the game anymore.

I don’t know who “brette farve” is, but I think Brett Favre will retire and go into the broadcast booth.

Wife’s cancer? Why did I not hear about this before I put together my 2006 DP list?

Could I get a cite on that?

You hadn’t heard? If not…

Deanna’s cancer, Favre said, "is as aggressive a cancer as you can have, but it is very treatable.’’ He went with her to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York to prep for the lumpectomy she had in October, and now he’ll be with her as she goes through the ups and downs of three months of chemotherapy.

She started a thing where they are selling pink packer hats, and the profit goes to Breast Cancer Research (?) I believe. She raised over a million dollars from the $25 hats. She’s doing fine so far.

I think he’s done. He acted like it, unlike last year. The only chance is if they hire Childress, similar system and someone who can be like Holmgren and straighten him around. He might have liked Sherman, but Sherman and QB coach Bevell did nothing for his play.

He’ll be coaching high school football in Kiln next year, roaming the sidelines in flip-flops and shorts. His kids live there now.

My SIL had the same kind, ten years ago. If they are only doing a lumpectomy, her prognosis must be very good. Good for her.

As a Viking fan, I hope he plays again next year.

So Aaron Rodgers (I think that’s his name) instills more fear in y’all?? :dubious:

Though with that #5 pick, Vince Young would look good in green & gold.

Not at all. I just like a QB that throws balls directly to our DBs.