"Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones Resigns

Ultimately I can’t get too riled up about this, because really some of those controversial statements were really stupid. Score one for the conservatives I guess.

C-Span was just airing an event from a few months ago where he spoke to advanced students, he seemed very intelligent and charming and articulated his points very well, I got a very good impression of Obama’s energy priorities. Strange that this is the same person who signed a document saying that Bush was involved in 9/11 and went on a strange mini-rant about how white kids are more dangerous than black kids because they are the ones who shoot up schools (as opposed to shooting other black kids).

Did something just go wrong with the vetting process? This tiny bit of egg on the president’s face isn’t helpful right now.

I felt bad when this came out. I heard some people praising him for having the courage to see the issues are bigger than him personally and taking one for the team. I felt like it was a victory for smear tactics and irrelevant details blown out of proportion. Maybe I’m being unrealistic.

He did sign the truthers document and he did at some point declare himself a communist. He did call republicans assholes. Still, I think it was handled in a defensive and too cautious manner instead of fighting back.

Why wasn’t this an opportunity to point out how political BS can and is used to divert us form serious issues and problems. It isn’t about what he did several years ago but the job he’s appointed to now and how well he does it. Couldn’t somebody stand up and say that?

Maybe there was other things that might come out so they just decided to call it now. It still sucks.

Good riddance. While I can appreciate someone taking a look at things from a grander, or even a novel perspective, that doesn’t mean the person should be part of the administration. He’s the perfect example. I also don’t think an avowed communist should be part of a U.S. President’s administration, as it conflicts with the founding of this country. And if he is going to be invited in, the administration has to accept any flak they rightfully get.

Bah. The tighty righties are scared shitless of a word. What else is new? If he is a communist, so what? The question should be, is he right for the job or not? Seems like he was qualified and the nation is once again ill-served by the fraidy cat “conservatives” among us.

Obama was never held accountable for his relationship with radicals in the past, why should he have thought adding Van Jones to his administration would be an issue now.

Oh no. We didn’t have all-Wright, all the time on the cable news outlets in spring of 2008. We didn’t have the Palin-McCain campaign bring up Bill Ayers at every rally. I think when Sarah Palin farted it came out “Ayers”.

By “never held accountable” she means “a shit ton of people still voted for him no matter how many scary words we used”.

Politics can be brutal so I agree that you shouldn’t get in unless you’re ready to deal with it. The issue for me is whether we accept undeserved criticism or fight back against those who wish to muddy the waters and divert us from more relevant issues.
The example I often use is Bill Clinton’s indiscretions. Who hurt the country more? Bill for thinking with his dick and doing something really stupid and then lying about it , or was it those who couldn’t defeat him on policy and real issues and spent all that time and money diverting out attentions from serious issues to talk about a BJ.
IMO it’s clearly the latter.

Do you know if Jones is still an official member of the communist party or not? Does that even matter to you?
Here’s an article by Eva Paterson who knows Jones personally and rebuts Becks BS. Jones was not a Czar, was not a special adviser to the president with great power. Concerning communism she says

here are some Van Jones words Beck may have missed.

that doesn’t bear any resemblance to communism as I understand it. I’m sure Beck and his fans see this as a victory. Time will tell. I think people are getting pretty fucking sick of Beck’,Hannity’s, and Fox’s brand of willful distortions of the truth and are beginning to fight back. Beck losing so many sponsers may be just the beginning.

Here’s an interesting twist that I like

I made a commitment to some conservative friends of mine to watch Beck for a week. It didn’t take long to see his betrayal of the lofty principles he touts. He speaks highly of facts and truth but his actions demonstrate he doesn’t really care about either other than twisting them to serve his own agenda whateverthefuck that is.

I welcome intelligent conservative views. I think as a society we need the balance that opposing views provide. I like George Will even though I don’t always agree with him. For opposing views to be truly helpful in solving the serious problems we face they must be based in facts and with some attention to the truth. We can no longer afford the political hackery we’ve tolerated far to long. Honest conservatives and liberals and moderates must come together to oust special interests or we all lose. The issues are to important to be treated like a team sport where we play a game hoping our team will win.

Yes he was held accountable. The public looked at it, weighed it, and decided it was political bullshit. Then they elected him president.

Don’t claim she farts. That will be seen as a malicious attack on the poor woman.

Rahm Emanuel verbally abuses Republicans on a daily basis using far harsher language. But he’s not black. Or liberal. This is bizarre treatment. When a politician can be held accountable for insults he hurled at the opposition years ago in front of a partisan audience and both parties hold their their members to the same standards I will approve of this, but until Dick Cheney is forced to resign for saying “fuck you” to Senator Pat Leahy on the Senate floor, this is just punishing one side while rewarding the other.

I also agree with this point made in the article

At some point the WH has to stop being on defense and has to find an honorable way to fight back. They need to point out how the politics of dishonest political smears is hurting us all and stress the need to work together with real facts as a foundation of problem solving.

Oh yea, it was that interview with ? where he faced ANY tough questioning…hmmm, I’m still trying to recall…

I thought the handling of the “assholes” quote was too defensive.

All he had to say was he meant it as a term of begrudged respect for what savy political fighters republicans can be. It’s an irreverent term of endearment any competitor might use against respected competition.

I don’t quite follow – “forced” to resign?

What would’ve happened if Jones hadn’t offered his resignation? What happened when Cheney didn’t resign? Who, exactly, calls the shots?

dude, it’s always “right-wing smear tactics”.
Even if it were true in every signle case, somebody should tell Obama and his guys that if you fall for the same Politics 101 trick every-freaking-time you’re letting the other guy win without breaking a sweat.

Yes, that’s right. The righties are scared of a ‘word’. Keep telling yourself nonsense like that - it helps with the ability to dismiss any point of view other than your own.

So, if Bush had hired a hard core religious fundamentalist who believed women should stay at home as ‘Green Jobs’ czar, you’d have had no problem with that? So long as he’s doing the job? What rubbish.

And gee, how could a belief in communism POSSIBLY interfere with a position that’s all about trying to create jobs? What possible connection could there be? :smack:

I could understand some concern if he was a communist and promoted communist principles in the course of doing his job. He isn’t and doesn’t.

The condemnation springs from words taken out of context without regard to his acknowledged abandonment of that mindset.

Yes, I completely disregard his acknowledged abandonment of that mindset and his disavowal of the truther nonsense, because he only disavowed it when his job became threatened.

You guys have way more tolerance for this stuff when it comes from lefties. I can imagine how you’d react If Bush had appointed a Klansman to such a position and, once the guy started taking heat, said, “Oh, I don’t believe any of that Klan stuff any more. Honest. And yes, I did in fact swear a blood oath to keep America white and pure of race, but I didn’t really agree with it.”

I’m sure you’d be cool with that. After all, he renounced it all. So, nothing to see here. Move along.

Is it impossible to deal with an issue? Or must every issue simply resort to accusations of hypocrisy?