Green or Purple?

Well? What do you think?


My son prefers green, so I feel I am going to have to supposrt him in this.

[radical nonconformist]Turquoise, or death![/RN]

Well, green or purple what? Clothing? If so, what article? Types of grapes? Skittles or other candy? Sweet drinks like soda or Kool-Aid? It would depend on what thing you are speaking of that has the color before I could decide. :wink:

[SUB]Though, I did find some beads recently that are the same particularily vivid shade of purple you find on the non-raised parts of the breastplate my Everquest one beastlord character wears here. Image hosted courtesy of the ImageShack site. [/SUB]

Hmm… this is an acceptable arrangement! GUARDS! EXECUTE THE ANTILEMMING! :smiley:

I say, fuck the Packers! Vikings rule! :stuck_out_tongue:

…except for…all the times they don’t…nevermind… :smack:

He/she who wears green sash is green leader. Space the purples!

I feel very strongly on the side of green. It seems environmentally considerate. Peacefull. Life affirming. Suggests growth, wealth and a certain resillience.

Purple seems a bit snobbish and precious. Also reminds me of bruises and eggplants. Suggests colour,vibrance and substance but is ultimately colourless and a bit mushy inside.

I like green and purple about equally, unless they denote a flavor, or a type of grape. My favorite color though, is deep indigo blue.

I’m gonna go with Roscolux 59 (Congo Blue).

This is a shade lighter than a UV blacklight, for those that haven’t memorized their swatchbooks yet.

Arguments for Green:
*The Green Mile
Fried Green Tomatoes
How Green Was My Valley
Green Card
Arguments against Green:
Soylent Green

Arguments for Purple:
The Color Purple
The Purple Rose of Cairo

Arguments against Purple:
Purple Rain

I say Green, but only just.

Neither. Green is a Luddite color and Purple is Royalty.

Go for the Red, White, & Blue!

DAQ=SAR :rolleyes: It’s a matter of personal opinion/preference. Who cares?

Hmm… The Sausage Creature’s favorite color is green, while her sister’s is purple. Since I can’t love one more than the other, I’ll have to say I like them both, equally.

Green must fight Purple!

Well, this thread is the epitome of pointless, but it looks like a poll.

It sure ain’t a debate.

Off to wherever it lands.

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I prefer purple cabbage to green cabbage.


Nobody would really notice if purple went away. However, if green went away everybody would notice - except maybe Inuit.

“Rule predates contact with other races. Rule change held up in committee. You wear green sash, therefore you are green leader.”

Purple. But I’ve never seen one drop. Gotten lots of greens, though.