What ... is your FAVOURITE COLOUR???

Who approacheth the Bridge of Death
Must answer me these questions three
Ere the other side he see

All kidding aside, I’m simply inviting you to post your favorite color. (No Gorge of Eternal Peril involved.)

Mine’s green.

I have 2: Royal Purple and Peacock Blue.

My daughter claims her’s is Neon Black. I’m still waiting for an example of that one.

Mine is also Purple, but like Arden, I like the darker purple, never a pale, pastel shade (I don’t really like any pastel colours).

For me it would be metalic midnight blue.

I like seaside colours - white, blues, sand.


I’m a sucker for all things in that Mac format.
I’ve got clear phones and clear monitor and clear tape player and clear joystick and clear mouse and mouse pad.

In school I loved my clear pencil box.

Player’s Racing blue or dark metallic black/blue/purple (oil slick)

I love pink - bright pink, pale pink, medium pink, love them all. Some of my hair is pink, about 1/4 of my casual clothes are pink and exactly 1/2 of my formal dresses are pink.

I also like red. But the two don’t look particularly good together. :frowning:


and Kayeby, for what it’s worth, i think that pink and red go GREAT together - most of the time when i get dressed, i wear different shades of the same color: pink and red, dark blue and light blue, lime green and grass green, etc.

of course, most people wouldnt take dressing advice from me, but anyway…


Ford Dark Blue.

Purple! (and there is too such a thing as purple, so nyaa! to my old art teacher) :slight_smile:

Blue… No… Ahhhhgggghhhh!!!

Red. Bright, blow-your-eyes-out, indelibel red!


F Giddy-Pig.

Grey. Particularly the grey of a good, hard-to-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face fog. I think, actually, that grey became my favorite colour because I used to love walking in the fog.

Blue or purple, or really anything in shimmery, glittery, gel pen type colors


Trapezoidal Ifrazel. Such a lovely color, if I do say so myself.

Green. Cool, soothing, reminds me of spring and summer (my favorite seasons - damn I hate the cold).

prussian blue, cadmium red, ochre.
generally, I also have a preference to earth tones. I hate neons, and usually dislike pastels.

Purple. Any shade. I wear purple every day of my life. I own more purple underwear than anyone on the planet, and have a pair of lavendar suede work shoes.