Greer gets death threats and kicked out of his church.

Yep…good “christian” behavior.

Defend this christians.

All Christians don’t live by their beliefs, some are just as stupid as any other given person, and it isn’t fair to judge an entire group based on the actions of some members of the group?

After all, I’m sure John Kerry can’t be this stupid.

Reeder, how would you feel if I found some particularly egregious act by so-called liberals (PETA comes to mind) and told you to defend that because you’re an outspoken liberal?

No, I haven’t read the article because I know full well how un-Christianly some people who claim to share the same faith as me are capable of behaving, and no, I won’t defend them either. Their actions are indefensible as I read the Bible and not in accordance with the teachings of Christ.


I’ve only met one (possible) member of PETA, and that person was a staunch conservative. Just so you know.

His minister kicked him out.

The leader of his Church.

Ministers can be intolerant assholes too. This in no way shows that all or even most Christians would agree with this action.

Reeder, unless Judge Greer attended a certain notoriously liberal Episcopal church in southwestern Pennsylvania, there is no obligation for me to defend his minister. If he did, I still maintain there would be no obligation for me to defend his minister, but rather I would be strongly obligated to tell my priest (who would be his minister) exactly why I think he was wrong to kick out Judge Greer and, if my priest stood by his position and did not give me a good reason to change my mind, find another church.

I don’t expect you to defend every act of lunacy by Al Sharpton; I refuse to defend every act of lunacy by the Fred Phelpses, Jerry Falwells, and Pat Roberstons of this world. I won’t even defend the action of my own bishop whose been threatening a schism over the issue of gay marriage because I don’t find his actions defensible, either.


Which is none of your business.

Now that’s brilliant repartee’.

That sucks, but it isn’t a Christian behaviour. It’s an asshole’s behaviour who happens to be Christian.

The reporter has made no link between the death threats and the congregation that asked Judge Greer to leave. I cannot claim to be knowledgeable about what Judge Greer’s denomination believes, but I can assure you that in the Catholic church, death threats and violence are absolutely contradictory to a “right to life” platform and as such would be denounced.

As far as asking Judge Greer to leave, that is a private matter between his church and him. Just as Judge Greer believes that Mrs. Schiavo’s medical decisions are a private matter between the hospital and Mr. Schiavo.

FWIW, if I were an elected governor who chose not to stay executions, it would be just a matter of time before I was asked to refrain from taking communion or excommunicated altogether. In addition to abortion, the death penalty is one of those matters that the church takes very seriously. According to the church, there is no gray area here. It supports life, whether you are a fetus or a child molester who just confessed to murdering a 9-year old girl. If I don’t agree with their position, I am certainly free to find a new religion. But it would be silly of me to expect the church to allow me to attend mass AND publicly defy my church’s teachings.

Are you actually arguing against freedom of religion, or are you just being a putz yourself? Said Church can have or not have whatever members they wish.


Reeder may not think your response was brilliant repartee’. But I agree with you.

It’s their church, the minister is the leader. If he thinks that Judge Greer is not conforming to the ways of their chuch, I guess he has the authority kick him out. Just like any private club or organization.

Ooooo Oooo can I play too?

Defend this Democratic activists.

Defend this animal rights people.

(plenty of examples from all viewpoints, of course…)

kevja thank you.

Probably so. Still makes him look like an intolerant ass. I think this was a pit thread about intolerance, not about the rights of private organizations to control their membership.

I wouldn’t mind a cite as to when a Catholic governor who signed a death warrant was threatened with excommunication.

And this is why every thread that challenges the claims of the Christian faith is doomed. Very few here have the balls to consider that religion in general and its attendant self-righteousness, pressure to conform, and intolerance of dissent contribute to hateful behavior. Freethinkers don’t have inquisitions or heresy trials. We don’t kick people out of our clubs.

Once again, I’ll ask this question. If Christianity doesn’t make people better people – even an ordained minister in the largest Protestant demonination in the U.S. – then what the fuck good is it?

And this is why every time a thread concerning Christianity pops up, you slink in from the shadows to spew your vile hatred. Because you fail to consider that maybe, just maybe, someone can claim to be a member of a group but not really live the beliefs of that group. Maybe, just maybe, someone who self-identifies as a Christian doesn’t have the authority to speak for all Christians. Maybe, just maybe, some other Christians can think for themselves and come to different conclusions.

Loved how you self-identified as a “freethinker” there at the end. May I assume they’re all such indignant, bull-headed, ignorant people then?

It does make people better people. It doesn’t automatically make EVERY person better in every way, especially people who say they are one but seemingly fail to act like it.