Greetings! It is I, brujaja, now relegated to the lesser designation of OGbrujaja because technology sucks sometimes!

There was this guy. We fell in love and got together and went through all kinds of things both hellish and beautiful, being homeless/living in his airstream trailer, from which he had torn out the bathroom and kitchen to make room for his drums. (yes, I know) We were together a few years and then we broke up because these things can’t last. But you never really stop loving somebody and after a long time we were able to be friends again, ultimately closer than ever.

So here I am several years later, doing what I do for a living which is taking care of older and disabled folks. I am steadily trying to be a better person and I have always worked really hard for my clients because it’s my nature and besides, they all become like family to me. This one lady, when I started a year and a half ago her husband of several decades had just died and her house was filthy from years and years of hoarding and lassitude. There were two whole rooms that were packed tight with stuff, filled literally floor to ceiling, that it took me months to clean out.

Her husband passed right before COVID hit and so she’s been almost completely isolated for a year and a half because of the lockdown. Also she just got out from under the thumb of a “helper” who was really restrictive and mean. She’s just pining away and telling me how lonely she is constantly; me and the other woman are all she ever sees. So I’m thinking, poor lady, she just wants a little fun, she wants to hang out with some people who aren’t squares or stodgy and just be herself. So one day while I’m at work my guy friend calls and I say, why don’t you come over and say hello? You understand, he’s ten years older than me, and she’s twenty years older than me. So I never ever thought…

Oh yes they did. That very same night, after I went home. So now today I still got to go to work because it’s my f*****g job, and there I am pulling weeds in her back yard sweating like a pig while she can’t shut up about how wonderful he is, and pushing a mop and changing the litter box and cleaning the bathroom. Then here he comes up on his Harley and she greets him home like a king to his castle.

And this is how you learn humility, as if you hadn’t already aced that class over and over again.


Welcome back! I can still hear your Cthulhu Christmas parody songs when the wind is right.


Well, uh, good to see you though.

And here I am, expecting a reason for the name change. Considering the thread title and all. Silly me.

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Does he take her for Harley rides?

Just want to say that you’re a really great writer…and yeah those lessons in humility, they’re never-ending.