Greyed out topics?

I guess this probably has been asked before, so someone might already have an answer on tap. When I come here, I click on the “New Posts” link to see what’s new. Most of the thread topics are blue hyperlinks. But some are greyed out. They still work when I click on them. They are always to threads I’ve read and left at least one comment on. But the topic isn’t greyed out for EVERY thread I’ve commented on. Some random glitch in the VBB software or is there some logic to this? If it matters, I’m on Win 7 and I use Chrome, though this still happened when I used Firefox.


If you click on a thread link, it’ll be gray. If you get to the thread via other means (newest post button, a link to a specific post in the thread, a link to a page other than 1) it won’t be marked as clicked on because technically you didn’t click on that specific link.

It’s a little obnoxious, and I’m sure there are creative ways to fix it if you’re a web programmer, but they’re probably not worth it.

If you want to grey out the text you’ll need to click on the text in question, not the “Go to first unread” arrow. It’s a product of your browser, it has nothing to do with the message board except in how the links are generated. Commenting in the thread doesn’t have any effect on this.

Are you visiting from more than one computer? E.g., home vs. work?

I have 2 computers, but I don’t think that’s the issue. I generally just use one for SD. I think Telemark and Jragon nailed it. If the post count is more than 20, I hit the “go to first unread post” button and not the actual link.

Ignorance fought! Thank you.