Grey's Anatomy - 11/30

The title of this episode was “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

And the case of the cojoined adult twins was used as a metaphor for the rift between Burke and Christina, Burke and Shepherd, Christina and the gang, Meredith and her mother, Meredith and her step-family (almost), George and anyone who he came in contact with, … well, you get the picture.

Once again, Chandra Wilson owned this episode. I can’t say enough how disappointed I’ll be if she doesn’t pull in an Emmy for her work this season. I can almost ignore everything else going on and just watch Miranda Bailey kick butt and take names.

So will Ellis Grey’s moment of clarity last, or will it be 1986 all over again the next time we see her?

Why would it last? She has Alzheimers.

I heart Bailey as well. And I can’t believe how freakin’ old I feel every time I see Mare Winningham.

No kidding. When she said “I’m about to be a grandmother” I said “Bitch, get your ass back to St. Elmo’s!”
Love George. Almost as much as I like Bailey.

Meredith annoys me, but I felt the heartbreak when her mom said “I should never have had a kid.” You have to imagine that those were her true feelings at the time. :frowning:

Excellent episode!

I almost gave up on this show earlier in the season when every ep was filled with angst revolving around Meredith, McDreamy, McWife, and McVet. Even McSister showed up! I had the same problem last season with the whole Izzy/Denny situation–this show sometimes gets too glurgey.

This episode proves that the show is at its best when focusing on Christina/Burke/George/Alex/Izzy/Bailey/the Chief/anyone but Meredith. Their storylines involve drama in their jobs as well as their personal lives. Pompeo is a good enough actress, but the writers can’t seem to come up with any better conflict for their title character other than “Which guy am I gonna sleep with tonight?” There’s the mother issues, but that only comes up occasionally. I thought Meredith’s story in this episode–dealing with her dad’s second family–was good, but it was kind of secondary to the whole Burke/Yang/Baily/O’Mally conflict.

I disagree slightly about Chandra Wilson. I think she overdoes it a bit with her acting, but that may just be the way it’s written. Sandra Oh is outstanding, I think, and so is Isaiah Washington. For me, those two make the show.

I’m guessing, based on the foreshadowing, that Bailey is going to end up being offered the Chief’s position.

Isn’t she a little far down on the hospital food chain? She’s subordinate to Burke (frequently refers to him as her boss.)

I’m not really sure how a hospital is organized. Burke, Shephard, Montgomery, and Sloan are all attending physicians and Bailey and Torres are residents, which I guess is a lower “rank”. But I figure it’s a TV hospital so they have a lot more flexibility.

IIRC, Bailey’s just a resident. There’s no way they would jump someone from being a resident to a chief of staff.

On the other hand, this is the hospital where Addison the wonder-OB-GYN apparently handles all specialties. Nowhere else in the world would your OB her patient to handle the needs of the infant — that’s the job of a neonatologist.

…or leave her patient, even.

I love the character Bailey; I think she’s my favorite. Sandra Oh is awesome too.

As to the Chief of Staff thing, nope Bailey won’t get it. She is a resident, a senior resident, but a resident. Resident denotes still in TRAINING. If anything, McDreamy or the female doc from the other hospital will be offered the CofS position.

George is really becoming um…bitchy. While I understand the reason for the drama (his dad), he was becoming this way before then. They need to tone it down or people are going to start to dislike his character, a lot.

It’s bugging me a lot that they’re getting heavily into the ‘freak-of-the-week’ syndrome. Is it not possible to find interesting medical themes without having them represent the extremes of medical science every single week? It’s pulling me way out of the story - something which started when Meredith was present for the death by explosion of a man she’d grown to like and to this day shows zero recollection or disturbance over an incident which would traumatize any normal mortal.

It’s getting as bad as the cop shows that depend on family members and friends of the principal characters to be victims. I understand there’s willing suspension of disbelief but there’s no way that every single person working in a precinct could be related to or friends of a victim of serious crime. It annoys me greatly. Bailey’s been pregnant, her husband was in a car accident, Burke got shot, Meredith’s mom was in the hospital, Christina lost a baby and now George’s dad has cancer AND heart trouble. Oh cripes, and then there was the Chief with his tumour.

OK, I’m officially truly ticked off. The audience deserves better. Or a pool in which they can choose which character will come up with what condition next. :rolleyes:

I vaguely recall from season one a terse conversation between Burke and Weber because Shepherd was considered as a possible next chief.

I agree. It was funny when the interns were fighting over who got the freakiest case, but it’s getting ridiculous to believe that some little hospital in Seattle would get inundated with these genetic wonders week after week. I think it jumped the shark when the chick had two uteruses (uteri?) and the babies had 2 different fathers. Uh huh.

And I hope the writers weren’t setting the stage for Izzy and McSteamy to get involved. I mean, we already have two of the three female interns in relationships with the attending surgeons that they are supposed to be studying under.

They take that ‘studying under’ quite literally on Grey’s.
I was upset last season when the interns were punished for cutting a guys life-support in order to steal a heart with putting together a prom.
I fell asleep during the twin’s surgery. What happened with George’s dad?

My tape futzed out right when Mare Winingham was talking to Meredith, saying the baby was fine. What happened after that?

George’s Dad ran into a surgical complication but Yang was able to assist Hahn by performing a procedure she’d learned to assist Burke. So the irony was that Yang’s efforts to cover for Burke might have saved Dad’s life rather than endangered it.

The baby was okay. Susan was happy and hugged Meredith. Meredith got all cold and said something like “I don’t know you people. You’re not my family.”

Meredith went to the locker room and told everyone to stop tormenting Yang and they agreed. Yang told Meredith she didn’t need to do that. Meredith told her that they’re family. Burke agreed to be examined by Sheppard and Yang went with him, so it appears a reconciliation is possible.

Meredith went to see her mother, who was ranting about Webber leaving her. Meredith tried to explain that it had all happened years ago. Meredith hugged her mother who then briefly recognized her as her adult daughter.

Oh, no kidding. WTF was this? She’s an OB/GYN, not a Neonatologist. No way would she deliver the baby and then perform surgery on it. :rolleyes:

Is it possible Montgomery is a neonatalist and does more mundane ob/gyn work when she’s not performing neonatalogy (is that a word?). I have to figure there can’t be enough neonatal surgeries being performed in one hospital to keep her busy full-time.

It’s as likely as a dude playing in the NBA and a minor league baseball team at the same time.