Grey's Anatomy - 3/15/07 (Possible Spoilers)

Suprised to see no thread on last night’s episode. I continue to despise this show as the train wreck I cannot avoid looking at. I thought the best part of this installment was the interns sitting around the lunch table busting on Yang. The rest was the usualy nonsense and banter focused on further developing these shallow characters.

Every now and then, someone surprises me, and last night it was Burke: Positively for calling Yang on her power-trip in relationships, negatively for acting flirty and cute in front of the other interns.

[Linda Richman]


[/Linda Richman]

This episode served to confirm that I strongly dislike all of the characters in this show.

Yep. Every one is a self-absorbed asshole.

I can’t believe Izzy and George. This will not be pretty.

That was an unpleasant hour of TV.

Especially following Betty - which was wonderful last night.

Grey’s Anatomy is starting to feel like Seinfeld, minus the funny bits. A bunch of hateful, self-absorbed assholes in unlikely situations.

Of course, I’m still completely sucked into their story lines, so I’ll probably keep watching at least through the end of the season.

Oh, that Izzy. I used to think she was OK, but they have really made her a bitch. Of course Callie’s character makes even less sense now; living in the basement of the hospital? I know she said it was for convenience, but moving into Meredith’s house when she could afford her own place?

Roger Rees (when did he get so old?) reminded me of an older version of McDreamy: pursing his lips and whispering “I’m happy for you, no really.” I’m not looking forward to him being chief.

I’m drifting away. I discovered an episode of Family Guy opposite Grey’s and I flipped back and forth for the first half and then went and played The Sims for the second half and barely watched. I think the problem with this episode is there wasn’t enough Bailey.

" I’ve got a feveh and the only cure is more Bailey"

So does anyone think the whole Izzy & George thing is just a tease and they actually just passed out? The story really isn’t gonna go there, is it? I really felt Callie’s pain when George was saying that hot chicks like Izzy don’t fall for guys like him. Way to go, schmucko.

And I was glad to see Shorheh Aghdashloo playing McDreamy’s old friend and patient. I’ve thought she’s enchanting since I saw her in House of Sand & Fog.

Previously, on Grey’s Anatomy
Meredith died but got better.

Oh, I agree completely. She had what, two appearances with four sentences total? What a waste.

I did like how Meredith is becoming closer to her Dad and his family. I think it’s something that’s long been due, and it just might make her less self-absorbed than she has been.

And I am so putting James Gannon on my Dead Pool list for next year. He looked like death warmed over.


This is the same stuff that’s on the networks all afternoon, only it’s on film instead of tape.

I’m reclaiming that hour of my week.

Oh, but the chick under the smushed face make-up is hot. There’s a pic and article about her in this week’s TV Guide.

I watched half of it, realized I no longer give the smallest shit about any one of the characters, and flipped over to House Hunters. Guess I won’t be participating in any more Grey’s Anatomy threads. :slight_smile:

Yes. That would be the point, made in at least one episode, that surgeons are a certain personality type.

Arg. No one has a picture. Do you mean the guy with the bullet removed from his shoulder?

Yeah, that’s him. He looked about 100 pounds heavier in Bull Durham and Silverado. And I also noticed that he’s not showing up in the credits for either movie on IMDB.

Wow. The next time one of the guys wants to know what women consider a turn-off, have him watch clips of Burke and Yang from this episode and the middle of the three-parter. The hyper-sensitive, determined to take everything she says in the worst possible light attitude is seriously unattractive.

What’s weird is Alex is becoming the most likable guy on the show…

As if we couldn’t see that coming from a mile away…At least Alex will have a love interest. I agree that he’s the only interesting character left.

Oh, and my husband told me that Addy is going to have her own show, a spinoff of GA. What in the world will GA do without Addy and Mark? I wonder who else will go?

Oh, she’ll die and Alex will adopt the baby (without any waiting or paperwork)

In addition to not caring anymore about any of the characters, I found the medical gore TOO gory.

Yeah…I know I posted in the last Grey’s thread that I wouldn’t be watching anymore…It was an accident. I didn’t even look for it on Thursday

All I could think of at the end of the episode was “Yep, that settles it, Izzy is a stupid whore.”

And I’m thinking I’m seeing the development of memes in action.