Grim Fandango: Year 3 *spoiler*

I just borrowed Grim Fandango from a friend. I’m having a little issue in Year 3.

How do I get off the little moving conveyer belt thing? Especially when I’m coming back from the ship, I go up the chain, pull myself down to the next screen (the one with the switch) and bam, get knocked back. How do I just plain get off?

Y’know, I’ve finished the game twice and I can’t recall the scene you’re thinking of at all. Time for another play!

However, look up the game on and you should find a walkthrough that will help you past that part. They’re set out so that as long as you don’t scroll too far you won’t have any spoilers for the rest of the game.

Is this under the water?

You have to reverse the flow. There’s a way to do it up top, can’t remember exactly what it is.

I second the recommendation for gamefaqs. If you want something more vague than a walkthrough: all I remember is that you had to use the crane and that drill thing you get from Chepito (the Bust-All?) to do just about everything there. There’s some bit where you had to go inside and get Mercedes’ stockings, but I can’t remember if that’s an unrelated puzzle.

If it’s any consolation: I scripted that conveyor belt sequence and remember its being a total pain in the ass, much like all of Year 3 with the voice effects and the pulling-towards-the-end-of-the-world animations, and I can’t remember how the puzzle works. So there’s no shame in using a walkthrough. Neat game, in retrospect, but the puzzles don’t make a damn bit of sense.

And if you’re already there, I’m assuming you’re playing with the patched version. If not, find the patch or everything’s unnecessarily hard. There’s some nightmarish puzzle with a forklift in an elevator (Year 2?) that took me a week to get working, only to discover that anyone playing on a machine faster than my 450 MHz one couldn’t solve it because I didn’t make the scripts use the system clock correctly.

I don’t need a walkthrough; I know what to do. It’s just that the damned conveyer belt under water keeps knocking me off track… and I can’t seem to find a way to get off of it. I’m stuck on the track, and when I switch screens, it pushes me back a screen.

You need to either stop it or reverse it. I really do forget how. Hang on.

From my walthrough: (which you’re lucky I found at work)

Conveyor Belt

  Look at the handle. 
  Pull the handle to make it go in reverse. 
  Climb on. 
  Turn around and climb up the belt. 
  Climb up the set of stairs on the left. You are now in a crane.

Alright, but how can get off of it if I haven’t done that and went the other way?

So now you’re at the bottom?

Ok, you might have to reload! I think there’s a way back but I can’t remember - have you tried grabbing the edge (not climbing on) and pulling yourself up?

Wow. Year 3 is the only one I found out how to do on my own without a walkthrough and I don’t remember it that well. I do remember that stupid arrow in the woods (now, that doesn’t make any sense), but I think the conveyor belt may be related to the chain and the crane. To hold on, you may have to do something with your scythe. Ack! I don’t remember!

The game is awesome. Now, where did I put it…?

I have to admit, many of the things in this game stumped me. Many of the puzzles had no logic to them. When I finally went to look at the solution, my jaw dropped. I jsut never would have though of the things they had. Of course, in many cases I hyad a better solution than poor Manny.

I freakin’ loved it though. It was one of the best RPGs I’d played in a while, moody, with great music, and this sort of feel to it. Humor, pathos, and silliness. What more could I ask for?

I love Manny.

And Lupe.

“Manny! You’re not even listening!”

Yep. Manny is great.

I was…

made really, really sad to see the girl get Sprouted in Year 2! It was very sad. being sprouted sounds very bad. You’re dead, and you can’t die any more, but your life is filled with endless agony while your body crumbles away. It’s very nasty, if you think abut it.

Oh, I agree…

You’re making me in the mood to go play it again.