Grippage? Grippage??

Earlier this month, spousal unit and I went to the Annapolis Sailboat Show. We wandered among some amazing yachts and we strolled through the vendor tents, checking out their wares.

One booth featured rubber sandals - that’s the best way I can describe them. They were in bright primary colors and they were a very think material - not very attractive at all to my mind. The woman in the booth went on and on about their comfort, their waterproof characteristerics, and their “grippage” :confused:

We’re pretty sure she meant that if you wore them on a wet deck, they’d grip and you wouldn’t slip. But grippage?

Do share the new words you’ve learned. We all benefit from broadened vocabularies!


As someone who wears flipflops all summer – but has found them to be dangerously slippery on wet pavement – I’d be up for some decent “grippage.”

If you want words coined out of desperation, I can provide plenty of examples from people writing crosswords – “smileful,” “egoity,” “bluey,” and “lionly” (clued by the constructor as “How Fleming asked Lahr to act”), to name just a few.

I found “suckage” to be amazingly graphic and apropos at some website I happened across. The owner of the site was posting an apology for his/her efforts and hoped the visitor wouldn’t find too much “suckage” there.

I’ve noticed “age” as a suffix to be in wide usage these days. It’s hard to recall what was there before.

hmmmm - other potential -age words:


The possibilities are beyond limitage!!

Yes, it sure is! We need to coin a word for this trend. I suggest that we call this use “ageage” from now on.

Well not exactly a new word, but new to you perhaps. Flip flops are called jandalls here. I think you should all adopt that word cause flip flops sounds silly. Jandalls have excellent grippage too :slight_smile:

I think the previous usage (sic) was “-osity.”

Glad you spotted the (sic) thing there, twickster. I spotted it before submitting and decided to leave it.

I seem to recall a lot of “-tude” and “-mundo” a while back. I would put the “-age” thing at less than three years old. I like “boobage” as seen elsewhere here at SDMB, and other such coinages.

Maybe the category could be “suffixation”? Or maybe one “suffixifies” something, making for “suffixification” which has a sound of asphyxiation that makes it fun.


I think I’ll stick with “flipflops” – I love a good onomatopoeia.

No, it would be “suffixage” Sheesh!


So this whole thread is full of dopage?

I recall a time when captains would go balistic upon seeing anything other than docksider type white soles aboard, especially on the freshly awlgripped boats.

And it’s all a bunch of verbificationalizingage?

And it’s all a bunch of verbificationalizingage?

At the afrorementioned boat show, we couldn’t board any of the boats in any kind of shoes. Padding around in socks is hard on the feet, let me tell you!

When we have folks aboard our boat, we ask that they wear any soft-soled shoes. We’re not so much concerned with grippage as black markage.

I’ve always used “cabbage” to refer to taxiness

That’s just one of the definitions of “grippage.” The older one has to do with the symptoms of “grippe,” a respiratory ailment.

I like the term shrinkage. It is a retail term that means covers the reduction in inventory that is not due to sales. “Employee Theft” and “Stuff that broke” combined into one meaningless term, till George redefined it on Seinfeld.

I’ve a friend, Beth, who is prone to intriguing malaprops that tend to stick in my head. She blanked on “horizontal” one day and said, “You know, not vertical… whatsit… horizontical.” Another time she was measuring something and said, “OK, the widthedness is 36 inches…” to which I replied, “What’s the lengthedness?”

What’s sad is that now sometimes I blank out on what the words are supposed to be, and I end up spouting Bethisms.

Don’t you mean “embiggened” vocabularies?