Gross revelations (TMI)

Every now and then, you’ll be in a situation where you realize something extremely disgusting. Maybe its wondering what the people in the kitchen are really doing to your food (rubbing it in their bellybutton! constantly!) or where your dog’s mouth has last been right after he licks you in the face when you were yawning and had your mouth open :eek: .

A few years back my wife and I were at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. The resort provided complimentary (well drink) bar service, so in addition to having all the perks of a cruise (all food basically pre-paid, gorge as much as you like) the booze was free too. We went in the summer, where the days were long and hot. Like many resorts, this one had a ‘pool’ bar, so you could sit comfortably waist-deep in cool water while you got hammered and socialized with other travelers.

There were a few days that my wife and I spent all day at the bar, chatting and drinking (emphasis on drinking here). We both had a gross revelation:

Nobody got out of the pool to pee :eek: I swear that pool must have been 80% pool water, 15% urine, 5% Jose Cuervo :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, how about this one: When you smile, people can see part of your skeleton.

The cells that comprise your body are outnumbered by the bacterial cells that you harbor.

I used to tell my students how the returnable Coke bottle system worked. They’d be all “ewwww- somebody else drank out of that bottle!” I would then ask them how many other mouths that fork they used at Red Lobster had been in.

Good times.

They should also be reminded what part of their mothers’ anatomy they came through.

Or rather, what was in there a few months (or even a few days) earlier.