"Grossest" Dog Treats

What is the grossest thing you get your dog for a treat?

I think for my dogs it is Bully Sticks. What the package does not tell you is that they are made from dried bull penis.

I really like this quote:


When i used to go dove hunting every year i used a german shorthair as a gun dog, When he retrieved the dove for me i would present the head for his treat.

This was a common practice and referred to as “popcorn” for dogs

Pig noses. My Chow cried and just held it by the edge between his front teeth.

Silly human, dog treats are for dogs.

The beef trachea are pretty foul. Yep, nasty.

Certain liver treats smell nasty. I have no problem giving my girls bully sticks. I get long ones in bulk and cut them into smaller lengths with ratcheting pruning shears. It does get gross when we take away the last little bit to keep them from swallowing it whole, though.

My dad once accidentally ate a piece of dog jerky. I’m not sure what part of the animal it came from, but he said it was disgusting.

Anyway, my grandmother fed her dog “Lamby Whammies,” which were chunks of dehydrated lamb lungs. Ew.

Our dog Griss loves Bully Stickes. He mows them when ever I bring one home for him… I still have a problem with hooves, ears, and any other musculature from animals being fed to dogs…but it doesn’t make me stop giving them as treats…

I always thought Pig’s ears were kinda gross. I wonder if pigs like to eat dog’s ears?

My first dog loved hooves. Cow, I presume, hooves. Hoofs?


(And then dear Clover seemed mighty interested in the vomit she produced last night on our bed. Oof.

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the delectable things in the cat box yet…)

That’d be calf testicles. Once a year, all the male calves get castrated, and the dog is right there to run away with the resultant waste and chew to her heart’s delight.

How about Beggin’ Strips. (You have to scroll down a little bit for the review.)

Whenever I fed the calves their milk (while they were still inside, too young to be allowed out), Tim the Wonder Dog would jump the pen’s gate and lick up all the tasty (to him anyway) milky flavoured lumps of poo. :eek:

My dogs had a bad reaction to pig ears. As there is no way to determine just how long they have been sitting around in warehouses and on shelves they are often rancid. Bloody diarrhea is a frightening sight. As for personal gross out, dried lamb lungs are right up at the top of things I don’t want to touch or watch my dogs devour. Actually, any innards which I have not personally turned into a treat just turns my stomach.

As for “store bought” cookies, biscuits, dog jerky and all the other “treats”, well, I read to much about how they are made and what is in them to feel good about feeding them other than on the very rare occasion. Of course my dogs (and cats) are fortunate in that we live where we do, and there is an abundance of treats made just for them from the leavings of our subsistence meats and fish.

My pit bull is tough to entertain. There are two types of toys. One type are things like squeaky toys, Nylabones, rope bones, etc. Those types don’t interest him at all. So I am limited to the other type, i.e., the type that is made from actual pieces of real dead animal, which he loves. So much that a 2 foot long (2 inch diameter) rawhide lasts him only an hour or so.

So I had to get creative and went hunting around. The dried trachea strips were pretty nasty. The pig snouts were upsetting. The bull penises were horrifying. But none kept him busy for more than twenty minutes.

And of course it turns out that the grossest thing available at Pet Valu is the one he loves most:

The bottom of a cow’s leg. Yep, hoofs, knuckles, and about an inch of skin. That keeps him busy for hours, and as a bonus I get to find knuckles and tendons and bits of hoof (all covered in dog slobber, of course) strewn about my house.


My co-worker was horrified when she looked up the word “pizzle” in an effort to decipher the label on her doggie treats. She told me, “I took them right out of my dogs’ mouths. They’re too classy for that!”

I don’t think I’ve ever come across something too low-class for a dog. If you were to cast Animal House with pets, the dog would be Bluto.

It is. I just went through an episode of this with my Jack Russel. he was passing what looked like bloody mucous. I freaked, as you can imagine.

I called my vet’s emergency number and she talked me down. She said that dogs’ intestinal linings are sort of delicate and getting infection which results in bleeding is not infrequent. In a human, blood in the stool is a cause for great alarm, but in a dog, it’s not so concerning. She had me come in the next day, gave him a shot and some antibiotics and after a couple of days on a bland diet, he was as good as new.

I’ve found that the best thing to do when giving your dog a new kind of treat is to start small and watch how he consumes it. Give him a small portion and make sure he’snot eating it too fast or swallowing large chunks which could cause problems. The poop that evening will tell the tale: you’ll be able to see how well the dog tolerates if by wthere or not their bowel movements are normal.

You can get lamb trachea, too.

cowgirl, have you tried dried cow’s neck muscles for your pit bull? That was the only thing that my friend’s male couldn’t devour almost instantly - though to the best of my knowledge, she never tried legs. :eek: