Grounded for Life...crystal ball or copycat?

I am watching this show and I can’t believe my eyes: a fan catches a baseball, causing his team to lose. Was this taped before the Cubs game or after? Mighty odd.

The whole fan-catching-a-baseball-and-making-his-team-lose thing happens all the time actually, at least once per season i’m willing to bet. I remember that episode from when it was on FOX a couple of years ago, so its definitely before.

Ah, Grounded for Life. Such a great cast. Such putrid writing. What a waste.

This episode is from the first season. When I saw the coming attractions I thought “Now there’s a timely repeat.”
So the answer to your question is Crystal Ball.


Read the story of Jeffrey Maier from 1996

Maier’s escapade predates the show by years, but he didn’t cause his team to lose. He was a Yankee fan in Yankee Stadium; he contributed to a victory. The Bartman situation sounds much more analogous to this episode.

Thanks. I just wonder if the Bartman movie will be a longer version of this episode.

This episode did not air in Chicago on the 17th, due to the similarity.