Grounded For Life: Where's Richard Riehle?

I caught “Grounded for Life” on its new network Friday, and I couldn’t help but notice the absence of Richard Riehle. The IMDB entry for the show lists his dates as 2001-2002, implying that he’s not on the show in the 2003 season.

His character (the grandfather) was my favorite on the show. Did he quit or did they write him out of the show?

Also, the show seems to have mostly given up the “flashback” gimmick. I always liked that aspect of the show, but I can see how it would be hard to maintain throughout the run of the series.

I think Kevin Corrigan does a great job. Haven’t seen the show for a while now, but I think I heard he may be returning.

I enjoyed Grounded for Life up until this season. It devolved from a sitcom with a unique angle (namely stories told via flashback) to a completely generic sitcom. I have a feeling the creators gave into network pressure to “simplify” the show. I had a passing interest to see if they put the show back together but I had better things to do on Friday.

Was Steven (Jimmy James) Root still the new grampa (Mom’s dad) character? He showed up at the beginning of their short Fox run this season. That was another thing that annoyed the hell out of me. Last season it was implied that the mom’s family had Mafia connections. Then this season her father arrives from North Carolina (!) and he hates New York and New York bagels. Sigh.

Richard Riehle didn’t get written out of the show, as far as I could tell, he just disappeared like Chuck Cunningham. Double sigh. Not sure what was behind his leaving the show though.

Huh? I thought they both grew up on Staton Island. That’s part of the premise of the show - that they are “Grounded for Life” to stay in their hometown.

My thoughts exactly. Idiots. :wally